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50% OFF on Your Favorites is No Longer a Dream!

  • hilink Monday, December 31, 2012 8:54 PM Reply
    This event sucked!!! I wasted lots of time put kept getting web site error. leave me out of it lol.
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  • BrutalCoding Tuesday, January 01, 2013 6:39 AM Reply
    Funny, i won as well and the price changed to $49.99 USD at Paypal. However i was idle for some time (20/30 minutes) at Paypal and they logged me out because of security reasons. So i went back to my cart, clicked Paypal again and now the price got changed to $99.99 USD.

    Now this is seriously stupid, didn't i had 4 hours left just to pay? I've won already but didnt claim the price within 20 minutes.
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  • hjbuzzi Tuesday, January 01, 2013 7:25 AM Reply
    sorry, but the instructions say that you must complete your order as soon as possible. This is fair, because it guarantees that the codes will really be used. Imagine if someone secures a coupon and wait indefinitely until the time for the coupon expires, or if for some reason he/she cannot pay. Then nobody else will be able to use the discount. The coupon is "borrowed" to the person making the purchase and as soon as the payment is complete, then the system will have one less coupon for others. You kept the coupon in your hands but 200 others followed the instructions and completed the purchase. It's like when air companies do overbooking. You have the ticket in your hands, but to guarantee your seat you must do the check-in.

    it's over, guys.
    Leave the whining in the past, as it belongs to 2012.
    Let's focus in 2013 and I wish all of us make so much money that we'll leave these promotions to the less fortunate :P
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  • Darkblade48 Tuesday, January 01, 2013 7:59 AM Reply
    So technically, it is not the first 200 people to apply the code, but the first 200 people to check out?

    If so, when checking out, if encountering the 500 error, and the (say) 20-30 minute time limit passes, you automatically forfeit the ticket despite having obtained it in the first place...?

    I just want clarification as to why I was not able to checkout on Paypal for the discounted price. Nevermind the fact that I did not get it; I am more interested in how DX was implementing this (hopefully they will learn from this event and implement any future promotions better!)

    For more information, check out my post on page 31 (http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1255235?page=31)

    Also, Happy New Year to everyone.
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    post edited by Darkblade48 on 1/1/2013 at 8:00 AM
  • Voriki Top 10 Forum Poster Tuesday, January 01, 2013 11:19 AM Reply
    @BrutalCoding @Darkblade48
    If you wait 20-30 mins you're logged out by Paypal because of security reasons(logical) and it's that action by Paypal thatc acels your order=lose coupon.
    So the fault is at the hands of the customer, or maybe even Paypal(but mostly the customer), not DX, they get a request to cancel the order and that's what they did.
    unhappy and grumpy about DX
    Why I'm (temporary) back on the forums:
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  • FallenArchangel Top 10 Forum Poster Tuesday, January 01, 2013 7:37 PM Reply
    The uses of the word entitlement by some is a little patronising if not offensive and seems to indicate a lack of understanding of the underlying issue. Not sure if dealing with fangirls or just deluded people.

    I don't think most people expected to win. Some may have due to translation/language issues, but it was clearly stated that only the first 200 would win. They did not feel entitled to win. They felt entitled to have a chance at winning. They listened to the instructions and followed the steps as directed in order to have such a chance to win, but got screwed for their troubles instead.

    People were told that if they do this and that, then they would have a chance to win. If it had spat out right away that they had not won, people would be disappointed to have missed out but they generally would not be angry.

    OR if they needed more time to process things then they could have said that you will be contacted within 24hrs or 48hrs or whatever, in order to discover whether you were successful and won and can then proceed to use your discount at that time. Instead they pointlessly tied people up. Wasted their time and just did not give a damn.

    An error occurred. You still have a chance. Wait a bit and try again. Over and over. After more than an hour I just walked away in disgust. I was still being told that I had a chance, but I needed to wait (spruiking the stupid coffee the whole time) and try again.

    It's like someone offering you a lift in their car. You reach for the door handle to get in and they pull away and drive forward a bit just as you almost touch the door handle. Then they tell you it's alright, just try again, it'll be fine this time. Over and over, till you are half a mile further down the road still trying to get in the car and them still telling you that it's OK, you have a chance to get a lift - just get in the car.

    Whether it was done for someone's amusement or through sheer incompetence and mismanagement doesn't matter. Customers were handled poorly and anyone who believes that was a positive experience for most customers either got lucky and won or is almost as delusional as DX management for thinking this was a good plan to begin with.

    It all stems from DX creating a situation they could never handle.

    They weren't obliged to offer the promotion, they chose to. They chose the terms. People decided based on those terms whether to give it a go. People expected and felt entitled to a level of respect and common courtesy if they followed the terms. Instead they got screwed around for over an hour and just toyed with. The contempt was palpable and it's no wonder if some of it bounces back to splash DX.

    DX stealing?

    We all have wings, but some of us don't know why...



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  • Darkblade48 Tuesday, January 01, 2013 7:59 PM Reply
    @ Voriki

    I was not logged out by Payal as I never logged into Paypal, and yet, the price was showing $99.99 (as mentioned on page 31).

    Is it possible that the 20-30 minute timeout is not just for checking out, but to actually access the Paypal page? And if so, if it took longer than 20-30 minutes to access the Paypal page because of the constant 500 errors, then whose fault is it?
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  • Heavyoak Wednesday, January 02, 2013 1:37 AM Reply
    I gave up on day 5. I would be surprised if 150 people actually got a coupon to work. website fail. welp, looking like a bunch of stuff is going back on the "wish list"
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  • CompWiz17 Wednesday, January 02, 2013 10:48 AM Reply
    FallenArchangel, very well said. I've been trying to get across some of the points you made for quite a while, but you seem to have done a better job of it.

    This kind of a sale could have been a positive for the site, but it would have required that DX prepare their servers for the load, or execute it differently(like the delayed notification you mentioned).

    In addition to the points you made, there were also the events of the last day of the promotion, where the site was emptying out people's carefully prepared carts as they tried to compete, as well as the live customer chat support, where multiple people(including me) were hung up on by the customer support when trying to report issues with the site, the cart, or losing a winning entry when trying to check out with paypal.

    It just amazes me when some people insist that those things do not constitute a horrible customer experience.
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  • callphy Wednesday, January 09, 2013 11:31 PM Reply
    the event is really horrible, would rather have a lesser discount event that benefits more people.
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