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Where can i get a new Firmware for this?

  • lcname Tuesday, August 21, 2012 3:33 PM Reply
    Where can i get a new Firmware for this?
    its a nice dvr but have some software problems
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  • gotrico Monday, September 03, 2012 6:49 PM Reply
    My first piece gave defect, the mandar to deal extreme, they sent me another, this came with the firmeware JA7208_1.5.0 6675 (Reldatetime 03/05/2012), different from the first this came very buggy, the cameras are no longer displayed in real time on the web client and the quality got really bad, I thought researching JA7208_1_6_5_6932B5 (Reldatetime 08/08/2012) version, because I'm still not updated with a little trepidation, but I think it must have some improvement.

    You can download it here:

    or the official website here:
    The model is the JA7208, 8 ports

    When I pluck up courage, I try to update, or if you succeed, leave your comment here.
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    post edited by gotrico on 9/3/2012 at 6:49 PM
  • lcname Friday, September 07, 2012 2:55 PM Reply
    really tanks for that
    my old version are 1.2 something and now goes to JA7208_1_6_5_6932B5
    interface changed a lot - same old user and password login fine
    after upgrade, @25fps ch1 D1 2Mbps ... ch2 to ch8 CIF 1Mbps
    nice resolution for the price

    but be warned.. it change to china language and I cant read it!

    in the hope to help to go to english: first menu after logon changed and now have 10 options
    after login, the last menu aren't setup anymore - it is shutdown (#10)
    so you must use the menu over it (#9) - new window - top row, last one icon to the right, click
    another window, first icon top left, click
    so, if you know where to find, go back to your desired language (combobox#6)

    more info are included in the txt files or the zip - I used google to translate (please use google translate to do it better
    upload the file and it can do it well) this is part of the information:

    Translated version of +f+¦+²+¦-¦+˜.txt
    The upgrade program note:
    The DVR end software upgrades steps
    1. Upgrade file ***** the rom and help.rom Kaodao U disk, not to changes to the upgrade file name.
    2.U disk into the rear panel USB socket next to "USB" interface.
    3 settings - System Tools - System Maintenance - Software Upgrade
    Click Start, wait for the progress bar to 100% (about 5 minutes), DVR need to reboot after the upgrade is complete.
    Note: Do not power off during the upgrade, otherwise the upgrade fails.
    Upgrade process, such as the operating improper upgrade available emergency recovery method to restore the system failure leads to not start. Specific operations:
    Check the upgrade file help.rom copied to the root directory of U disk, U disk into DVR, turning on the DVR
    Continue to wait, hear a "beep" sound will start automatically restart after system recovery in about three minutes.
    Translated version of +f+¦+n--+¦-+.txt
    6932B5 2012-8-8 16:41:21 ???Full series 6932B5 2012-8-8 16:41:21
    1, delete system maintenance useless, controls automatically restart.
    2, delete the 24/32, electronic zoom shortcut menu.
    3, corrected to 32 search can only display 24 road bug.
    4, the amendments to the latest version of flashplayer, video still bug.
    5The correcting network settings bug ddns password can not be saved.
    6to determine the generic version of the default ddns provider
    7modify key lock default is NO.

    6932B3 2012-7-19 14:28:14 ???Full series 6932B3 2012-7-19 14:28:14
    1, the amendment of the 32-channel, high-resolution screen bug, dissatisfaction.
    2Corrected high resolution CVBS the ptz and the color two windows can not see the bug.
    3Correcting color settings, click Default button the default value is not correct bug.
    4Increase automatically switch to skip video loss window.
    5 Fixed occasional crash bug when switching channels.

    6932B2 2012-7-7 14:50:51 ???Full series 6932B2 2012-7-7 14:50:51
    B0 B0
    1???cx258x8???6933??1, the profile of cx258x8 driven to 6933 version
    B1 B1
    1, the error correction encoding settings interface, the primary and secondary stream switching, frame rate options bug.
    2, ja7216cx increase electronic zoom function.
    B2 B2
    1, modify black edges of ja7216cx.
    2Correction formatted system disk only over 60 M bug.
    3add manual recording status, reserved function after the restart.
    4, add the automatic logout feature.??????????,???1??? Automatic logout feature is enabled by default time is 1 minute.
    5 LAN preview interface, add a 25/36 split-screen button.

    6932 2012-6-27 11:17:20 ja7204/ja7204s/ja7208/ja7216nc/ja7224nc/ja7232nc 6932 2012-6-27 11:17:20 ja7204/ja7204s/ja7208/ja7216nc/ja7224nc/ja7232nc
    1.6 version update content
    1,4-way machines achieve 4D1.
    2, adding the Chinese input method.
    3Video masking. (??JA7204/JA7208/JA2008/JA2016NC) (Only JA7204/JA7208/JA2008/JA2016NC)
    4backup compatible usb hard drive.
    5new OEM system release.
    6 easy Watch new agreement, easy Watch ID factory-assigned numbers.
    7 amendments user administrative privileges, certain privileges swap bug.
    8 the ui interface a number of bug fixes.
    9, add mobile client PTZ control protocol.
    11, change the the ptz cruise point, the default list add cruise point.
    12, color settings, optional value from 0-16, modified to 0-64, the default value of a unified color settings 32/34/32/23.
    13, to increase Danish (default language: English, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Turkish and the rest can

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    post edited by lcname on 9/7/2012 at 3:28 PM
  • lcabz Thursday, January 10, 2013 9:04 AM Reply
    Hi lcname,

    Thanks for this info and the warning.
    I have downloaded the firmware and both files of ***.rom and help.rom are on my USB, but when I initiate the upgrade process, my DVR is saying that firmware file not found.

    What format of USB should I have? I have FAT32 and the files are in the root.

    Appreciate your help.
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  • HardwareCityNL Friday, January 11, 2013 9:52 AM Reply
    Hi lcabz,

    We had the same problem as you. It wouldn;t upgrade the firmware, whatever we tried. I had our Chinese agent contact the factory, and they e-mailed him another firmware version, and this one actually worked. Maybe there are two versions of this DVR (JA7208 and JA7208S). Because we have these DVR's that state model JA7208S in System Info, System Version. Maybe this JA7208 V1.6.10 6932B10 firmware doesnt apply for this JA7208S model? I uploaded the firmware to our website for download: http://www.hardwarecity.nl/JA7208S_1_6_8_6932B8.rar. I hope it works for you too! Just unpack this in the root of your USB stick. FAT32 format is OK.
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    post edited by HardwareCityNL on 1/11/2013 at 2:14 PM
  • KobusB Saturday, January 12, 2013 5:10 AM Reply
    I have also tried to upgrade my firmware on the JA7208 but now the unit is completely frozen on the start-up screen (indicating JUAN H.264). Nothing that I do seems to help. I have removed the onboard battery, tried to reset numerous times by starting up with USB, but no success. Please help.
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  • HardwareCityNL Saturday, January 12, 2013 8:22 AM Reply
    Did the upgrade reach 100%? If it didn't for whatever reason, your DVR will be useless. Flashing ROM is kind of risky, because if it's not 100% succesfull, the device will not work anymore, and try to upgrade again will not be possible either. It's the same with BIOS flashing for laptops. If something goes wrong, your pretty much screwed. In that case the ROM chip (which a BIOS chip is also) needs to be replaced.
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  • KobusB Sunday, January 13, 2013 11:46 AM Reply
    Thanks a lot for your reply...really appreciated!. I did however manage to exchange the unit at the suppliers.
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  • jonnie8192 Monday, January 14, 2013 4:27 PM Reply
    Yep that new firmware works a treat. It goes back to chinese and the last menu is no longer set up its shutdown so its the one above that for setup.If the machine turns off you've selected the last one. The user name and password are kept so log in with that to change. Once the set up icons display you're on the home straight and havnt completely fkd sht up so well done.
    Big improvements for motion detection and stability. Nice one DX :-)
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  • Shurikpl Monday, January 21, 2013 7:53 AM Reply
    I have problems with playback of recorded video constantly freezes
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