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A user guide for new DX customers.

  • flashin Monday, February 2, 2009 10:48 PM Reply
    more in-depth information can be found here

    also see.....

    DealExtreame doesn't operate like companies most of us are used to buying from.
    They are in a separate category all their own..... the hk/china gadget site!
    They have their own rules, and own way of handling things like processing speed and item quality.
    In return, we receive incredibly low prices and free shipping.

    Only a few hot selling items are kept at DX.
    DX has to wait for the items to come from outside suppliers for most of their inventory.

    This accounts for the slow processing times.
    I understand this sounds odd and in-just, but that's the way it simply works at DX.
    Patience is highly recommended.

    also, a dx supplier can have a backorder at any given moment causing a delay in dx's ability to obtain the item. this accounts for most of the slow processing at dx. patience is encouraged.

    This is a basic guide aimed at helping new and first time users navigate their way
    through their first few purchases until the procedure becomes more familiar and hopefully
    make your Deal Extreme shopping experience much smoother.

    [i apologize in advance for my lack of grammar skills, questionable spelling, and crude computer skills.]
    1st. browse the site to see what DX has.

    2nd. find something you want to buy.
    [after step 4 you can...]
    start with a small inexpensive item or two just to see how DX works
    and to get an idea of how long the orders take, the purchasing process, the e-mails
    you will receive, how to track a trackable order[$15 and over or any ems option],
    and just a good overall idea on the ordering procedure here.

    3rd. read all you can about the product including reviews and posted threads.
    if there are any issues with shipping availability or quality it will be commented on there.
    you can then get an idea of what to expect.
    or decide if the product is truly what you want.
    keep in mind that the factories and ware houses that supply to DX can change the appearance and function of an item with out informing DX of the changes
    usually it's an improvement, but if you are not satisfied you can return it for a
    refund and/or another item.
    after step 4 you can wish list items,
    and ask your own questions about the product.
    but do not list any retail store names or retail web links.
    don't spam, don't be rude, and give your question a little time to get a response.
    also keep in mind that DX is supplied mainly by other local Hong Kong warehouses and factories. if the factory/warehouse is late with the delivery, DX will be late with shipping your item. generally this delay is shown in your invoice as the status of your order.

    4th. start a DX account to establish your identity.
    start a paypal account if you don't already have one.
    make sure the addresses are correct. [shipping and e-mail]
    make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account or paypal account.
    [wich ever one you plan to draw money from]

    5th. make sure the item is in stock at the very moment you order it.
    not back ordered, not with an eta that has a date,
    and definitely not "temporarily sold out". that means it's gone!
    something else to note is that being in stock the moment
    you order may not guarantee the item to be in stock.
    meaning someone before you could have wiped out the inventory of that item from
    DX when they should have used volumerate.com.
    expecting and avoiding these possibilities may help your experience with DX go much
    more smoothly.

    6th. try not to put too many items in one order.
    try to limit them to 3 to 4 items per order.
    [depending on the size of the items]
    large orders get divide any way, and i find it easier for DX to
    deal with smaller orders.

    7th. if you need a large quantity of items, make each item
    and the quantity a single separate order from the other items.
    if you are buying a large volume off items, it is sometimes better to use http://www.volumerate.com/.
    volumerate is affiliated with DX.
    the wholesale prices are lower and they have the inventory to fill your order.
    a large order could wipe out DX's entire inventory of a particular item.
    They do charge for postage though.

    8th. in check out be sure the item # is correct and the quantity of that item is right.
    while in check out choose standard free shipping or not so free but trackable ems.
    or drop shipping. [sending it to somewhere other than your address]
    enter any coupon #'s you might have. [?]
    then choose the paypal method you want to use.
    check out, and mark the box by your phone number.
    click continue to finish paying for your order.

    9th. write down your transaction # and
    go to your account and write down your order # on a piece of paper.
    save it somewhere convenient.

    10th. if you have any special requests like extra bubble wrap[see steps below] or something similar.
    or to cancel/change/remove an item/add an item to your order
    https://cs.dx.com/ticket/index and choose the correct action.
    do so before the order is shipped out.

    11th. check your e-mail. you should have a message from paypal and DX.
    save them, it's your receipt along with your bank records.
    if it's not there right away it will show up with in a day.
    the status and progress of your order is shown on your invoice of your DX account.
    in cse the status stages are defined.
    your status can remain unchanged for days, do not be alarmed, your order is being processed.
    orders under $15 will ship regular air mail. only orders over $15 will get a registered airmail tracking number example: RA*********HK.
    you can purchase ems tracking in check out.
    usually a separated order ships with the same order number.
    a second shipment may not have a tracking number on it, and may not be trackable

    12th. WAIT for it to be shipped. WAIT for it to arrive. BE PATIENT normally it takes about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks. sometimes up to 3 weeks, or even a little longer in unusual circumstances.
    Holidays can and will cause delays in order processing and shipping. the same holidays will cause DX to be delayed in receiving their own items to be in stock.
    these are Chinese holidays only. other holidays around the world do not effect DX performance.
    but will effect your local postal service, further delaying your orders arrival.
    you can and will check on your order from time to time to check it's progress.
    do not be alarmed or freak out if the item goes on back order after you order it.
    allow time for your order to process a few days, unless you are notified by
    DX otherwise, your order is being filled.
    if your order is taking a little longer than suggested in this list, look for threads in the forum like this Forum.-204~threadid.265807 that may give a valid explanation, and reassure you that DX will get your items to you.
    DX handles a very large volume of customers, orders, and items, which can result in a somewhat slower processing period.

    13th. when your order arrives make sure it's correct.
    if an item is missing check your account to see if the order was
    separated in to two shipments.
    DX will separate orders to send you what they have now, and will ship the remainder of your order when it's delivered by the suppliers to DX.
    it will be shipped to you when DX gets it.
    if nothing is wrong with the order, do nothing enjoy your items.

    14th. any problems with your order, items, condition of items.
    contact cse.
    if your order takes an unusual amount of time, like 3 weeks or longer.
    contact cse https://cs.dx.com/ticket/index
    select the action needed to assist your problem by using the cse link.
    Do not title a thread with a nasty opening message. be polite!
    if there is a thread already discussing your same problem,
    add to that thread and don't start a new one.
    when contacting cse or posting a comment in the forum, please be polite and courteous.

    in most cases they will get to it with in 48 hours. [during working week days]
    Do Not Start Multiple CSE Tickets For The Same Problem

    thats what i got so far. the list is not perfect, and again i encourage criticism and suggestions.

    Please read further into this thread. There are going to be other basic DX user categories, and computer skill guides being added to the thread that really don't belong in the main user guide list, but are helpful to those not so familiar with operating a computer in a forum. [mostly for my benefit]

    In a few days you can check on it here https://cs.dx.com/Ticket/List.

    that's basically it.

    here is this list translated into Russian. thanks to BigDad.http://gps-vologda.ru/img/dx.doc

    here it is in Finnish thanks to Ollii http://docs.google.com/View?id=dgtdsjzw_9fsf4fjct

    *as with most online shops, there is always a possibility of receiving defective merchandise.
    some customers feel it is good practice to order more than one of items that are "defect prone".
    due to sometimes lengthy processing/shipping times, this practice may reduce your "down time" should you encounter a defective item. read the reviews and comments about the item you are interested in before buying. ask questions if you have any concerns. if an item is defect prone, my advice is to simply not order it. you will save time, money, and peace of mind. but if you "absolutely" have to have an item that appears defect prone, then ordering more than one could be an option you might consider. i will caution you though..... you could end up with MULTIPLE defective items. if you order multiple items based on this practice, address your complaints to gcbryan in the off topic section of this forum. gcbryan was very persistent in suggesting this method of ordering. it's only fair that explanations or complaints be handled by gcbryan. i will remove this portion of the GUIDE if it becomes a problem.
    Howdy from Ohio!

    (john 3:15-18)
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  • begee08 Monday, February 2, 2009 10:58 PM Reply
    Good work mate. :)
    DX is bad for my productivity at work...
    I'm from Perth, Western Australia
    Klaatu barada nikto!
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  • flashin Tuesday, February 3, 2009 12:51 AM Reply
    thanks beegee08. :D

    it's just what i've learned, and how i order things.
    i haven't had near the problems that some of these other people have.

    so maybe there should be a guide.
    doesn't need to be mine, but something like it.

    i don't want all these "noobs" to get a bad taste in their mouths from DX.
    and then bad mouth DX all over the internet.... unjustly.

    it's a great place to poke around in and buy cool stuff for stupid prices.

    i don't understand the complaints at all.
    Howdy from Ohio!

    (john 3:15-18)
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  • matrix-neo Moderator Tuesday, February 3, 2009 1:13 AM Reply
    @flashin, you obviously put some thought in that mini guide huh?

    for new buyers, it's #12(as per flashin's revised guide) that's important, the WAITING patiently! they expect 2 day delivery on everything!

    you need to order a few small items to see how Dx works, the ordering, emails, online tracking etc
    i've been here a long time and i see it all the time-some smart ass noobie buys one or two items and when things don't go their way they make a lot of noise and then go away!
    Resistance is futile-give in to DX gadget craving!
    also a voluntary mod-be nice please!
    Have an enquiry? https://cs.dx.com/ticket/index

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    post edited by matrix-neo on 2/4/2009 at 11:20 PM
  • flashin Tuesday, February 3, 2009 1:19 AM Reply
    that's exactly why i wrote this thing.
    i am tired of "noobs" and some others that should know better by now but don't,
    constantly bitchin' about every little detail.... it is annoying and has to be taxxing
    DX's staff to the maximum of their ability to do their job.
    and also stressin' the shht out of the mods too.

    yeh maybe i'll add that you should make a small order first to see how it works.

    test the water so to speak.

    thanks matrix-neo!
    [i added your suggestions to #2 and #16]

    more tweak suggestions are welcomed!
    Howdy from Ohio!

    (john 3:15-18)
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    post edited by flashin on 2/3/2009 at 1:50 AM
  • Zdpn99 Tuesday, February 3, 2009 1:56 AM Reply
    It is a good guide and a good addition on small and inexpencive item(s). Probably another similar guide on contacting CSE is needed (At least I need it). I have not read flashin's guide before my first order, but I've followed this guide from common sense.
    -- Russia --
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  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Tuesday, February 3, 2009 2:14 AM Reply
    Very nice job flashin, and it certainly helps that the DX site works well (completely unlike another online shop I tried using yesterday [shudder]).

    I will note that a PayPal account is not essential.
    Remembering 30 years.
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  • Mike-H Tuesday, February 3, 2009 2:26 AM Reply
    you might add a special note about flashcards, since many buyers place large orders (instead of using volumertate :( ) when they arrive in stock its possible that the person before you bought the entire stock so it might say in stock or even eta but then switch to back ordered or a new eta after you placed your order, if it does its quite likely that your order will have been knocked back to the next batch.

    oh and its worth noting that chinese manufacturers can and do change the specs without informing dx so when your order arrives it could be slightly different to the advertised product, if this is the case its not dx trying to scam you, they wouldnt know until you tell them so firstly decide if the new item is satisfactory to yourself, if it is (maybe its better) then thats fine, if however its not take some photos of the differences and contact cse to request them to take it back, its also worth posting in the product forum to tell other buyers of the changes (good or bad).

    when you contact cse you have a very limited time to upload your pics and enter your text, i find that pre writing the text in notepad and just pasting it onto the form speeds things up a lot ;)

    do not email dx as they do not respond to emails, you must use cse, if you are one of the few who have been given a private email address for dx you still shouldnt use that for customer service related issues.

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  • flashin Tuesday, February 3, 2009 12:02 PM Reply
    thanks you'all.

    there would have to be other guides linked to this one.

    i knew one guide list was not going to apply to everything.

    at the very least it can provide enough information to get new customers
    safely through their first few orders.

    another issue would be where to put this list so it would be seen.
    it would be absolutely worthless tucked away here in the forum.

    i didn't even read or post anything for two months after i started buying from DX.
    others like me wouldn't see this list until it was too late.

    keep the information coming, maybe it will become a "sticky" at least. :)
    Howdy from Ohio!

    (john 3:15-18)
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  • captjimjam Tuesday, February 3, 2009 12:06 PM Reply
    Very good guide, informative and useful for new customers. :)

    **made sticky**

    Addicted to yellow envelopes!--UK--
    I'm a forum only moderator and not part of DX staff.
    To contact DX staff use: http://services.dealextreme.com
    New customer guide: www.tinyurl.com/help-dx
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