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US & UK Warehouse Built- 3 Day Shipping Now Possible

  • DonnieBrasco @DX Staff Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:44 AM Reply
    DX Oversea warehouses in UK and US built

    Great news here! To respond to the complaints about the long delivery time, DealExtreme has built oversea warehouses in UK and US to make customers get the packages faster. With a strict operating delivery system in oversea warehouses, Customers near Western Europe and US do not need to wait a long time for packages’ arrival.

    Please be noted that this service is still at its BETA period and we have only some hot products in our warehouse. More products will be added in the future to meet your requirements as best as we can.

    What’s the difference between the products in oversea warehouse and DX warehouse? Totally the same! Only the SKU number is a little bit different. For the products in US warehouse, 9001 will be added in front of the SKU number, for example, the mini-pig-2-leds-flashlight’s SKU number is 1138, then, the SKU number for the product in US warehouse will be 900101138. And for the SKU number of the products in UK warehouse, we will add 9044 in front, so the SKU number of the mini-pig-2-leds-flashlight in UK warehouse is 904401138.

    If you want to check on whether we have the product you want in stock in our oversea warehouses? You can simply add 9001 or 9044 in front of the SKU number. E.G: www.dealextreme.com/p/900101138 or www.dealextreme.com/p/904401138.

    If by any chance that the product is out of stock in US or UK warehouse and we fail to notify you in the first place. Our customer service will contact you to arrange your shipment from Hong Kong by airmail. If you do not agree, the full refund will be arranged and we will send you some gift cards as reimbursement for any problem caused.

    For the UK warehouse, only 10 countries are available to dispatch for now. They are:

    France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Potugal.

    NOTED: Currently UK & US warehouses are fully functional. Customer can start to place orders at any time.

    But we will try our best to add more countries on the delivery list in the future, so that most of the customers can get their packages in a short time. And for the US warehouse, it is only available to US customers.

    We love hearing your voice about our oversea warehouses, and we will try our best to make it better.

    If you want to preview all products in USA warehouse, use URL

    If you want to preview all products in UK warehouse, use URL

    (Provided by Ollii)

    A quick list of all SKUs in US and UK warehouse is here:

    678 YES YES
    1446 YES YES
    2153 YES YES
    3217 YES YES
    4172 YES YES
    4660 YES YES
    5379 YES YES
    7418 YES NO
    8325 YES YES
    9358 YES NO
    10203 YES YES
    10283 YES YES
    10515 YES YES
    10709 YES YES
    10727 YES YES
    11471 YES YES
    12057 YES YES
    12492 YES NO
    12884 YES YES
    13234 YES YES
    14027 YES YES
    14042 YES YES
    14045 YES YES
    14413 YES YES
    14909 YES YES
    15220 YES YES
    15235 YES YES
    15691 YES YES
    15729 YES YES
    15739 YES YES
    15972 YES YES
    15974 YES YES
    15995 YES YES
    16037 YES YES
    16040 YES YES
    16091 YES YES
    16211 YES YES
    16717 YES YES
    16844 YES YES
    16847 YES YES
    16977 YES YES
    17401 YES YES
    18350 YES YES
    18438 YES YES
    19040 YES YES
    19187 YES YES
    19189 YES YES
    19704 YES YES
    19767 YES YES
    20217 YES YES
    22338 YES YES
    23032 YES YES
    24241 YES YES
    25149 YES YES
    26127 YES YES
    26319 YES YES
    26358 YES YES
    26804 YES YES
    26908 YES YES
    27133 YES YES
    27184 YES YES
    27585 NO YES
    28528 YES YES
    28687 YES YES
    28879 YES YES
    29069 YES YES
    29102 YES YES
    29382 YES YES
    29435 YES YES
    29489 YES YES
    30047 YES YES
    30104 YES YES
    30864 YES YES
    31937 YES YES
    32568 YES YES
    32607 YES YES
    32694 YES YES
    32697 YES YES
    32698 YES YES
    32874 YES YES
    32946 YES YES
    32981 YES YES
    33058 YES YES
    33710 YES YES
    33851 YES YES
    34157 YES YES
    34759 YES YES
    34945 YES YES
    34973 YES YES
    35062 YES YES
    35116 YES YES
    35190 YES YES
    35241 YES YES
    35242 YES YES
    35354 YES YES
    35614 YES YES
    35681 YES YES
    36018 YES YES
    36030 YES YES
    36031 YES YES
    36356 YES YES
    36357 YES YES
    37188 YES YES
    37189 YES YES
    37375 YES NO
    37477 YES YES
    37717 YES YES
    37914 YES YES
    37953 YES YES
    39034 YES NO
    39062 YES YES
    39359 YES YES
    39437 YES YES
    39671 YES YES
    39744 YES YES
    39814 YES YES
    39959 YES YES
    41574 YES YES
    41777 YES YES
    41962 YES YES
    42000 YES YES
    42077 YES YES
    42116 YES YES
    42285 YES YES
    42806 YES NO
    42827 YES YES
    42963 YES YES
    42972 YES YES
    44345 YES YES
    44357 YES YES
    44459 YES YES
    44500 YES YES
    44599 YES YES
    44868 YES YES
    45252 YES YES
    45604 YES YES
    46996 YES YES
    47484 YES YES
    47544 YES YES
    47661 YES YES
    47961 YES YES
    48340 YES YES
    48625 YES YES
    49756 YES YES
    49796 YES YES
    50320 YES YES
    50396 YES YES
    50407 YES YES
    50513 YES YES
    50679 YES YES
    50814 YES YES
    50821 YES YES
    51280 YES YES
    51556 YES YES
    51789 YES YES
    51940 YES YES
    51955 YES YES
    51957 YES YES
    52730 YES YES
    53498 YES YES
    54296 YES YES
    54349 YES YES
    54355 YES YES
    54584 YES YES
    54859 YES YES
    55026 YES YES
    55028 YES YES
    55031 YES YES
    55119 YES NO
    55237 YES YES
    55238 YES YES
    55239 YES YES
    55241 YES YES
    55585 YES YES
    55603 YES YES
    55750 YES YES
    55751 YES YES
    55845 YES YES
    55846 YES YES
    56084 YES YES
    56359 YES YES
    56545 YES YES
    56813 YES YES
    56950 YES YES
    57003 YES YES
    57005 YES YES
    57006 YES YES
    57007 YES YES
    57081 YES YES
    57113 YES YES
    57380 YES YES
    57985 YES YES
    58147 YES YES
    65153 YES NO

    If any of them run out of stock, we will shut down this product till new stocks are coming.


  • Olli Top 10 Forum Poster Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:47 AM Reply
    Please notice:
    US Warehouse --> opened & working
    UK Warehouse --> opened & working


    Click here to see more frequently asked questions about warehouses.

    Why US warehouse only ships to USA?
    Postages from USA to other countries (example Canada) may be really high. (source)

    Why UK warehouse only ships to France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Portugal?
    These are the current countries and DX will try to add more countries in future.



    UK WAREHOUSE SENDER ADDRESS (provided by Sengels
    Stone Bridge Limited
    Unit E10 Voyager Park
    Portfield Road
    PO3 5FL
    - If you want my attention, write @Olli
    - I'll always subscribe to threads I've written to, so please do not @
    - For latest DX hot discounts, see: http://tinyurl.com/DX-Deals
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    post edited by Ollii on 8/15/2011 at 11:58 PM
  • DonnieBrasco @DX Staff Tuesday, August 02, 2011 1:52 AM Reply
    It should be working and i am looking at it now. Give me a link you find problem with.

  • Olli Top 10 Forum Poster Tuesday, August 02, 2011 2:03 AM Reply
    @Donniebrasco- do you think this is good:

    it lists all products with usa. shipping available.

    Is it ok to you for use it?
    - If you want my attention, write @Olli
    - I'll always subscribe to threads I've written to, so please do not @
    - For latest DX hot discounts, see: http://tinyurl.com/DX-Deals
  • DonnieBrasco @DX Staff Tuesday, August 02, 2011 2:13 AM Reply
    That's cool. Can I put it in the first thread? So that people can get to see it.

  • Olli Top 10 Forum Poster Tuesday, August 02, 2011 2:17 AM Reply
    Yes please put it!

    (Hopefully DX servers are strong, since it causes some server load every time. [No cache :P])

    please put this code before item list:

    [url=http://koti.mbnet.fi/ollins/dx/usawarehouse.php][size=30][b]Click here to see listing of items![/b][/size][/url]
    - If you want my attention, write @Olli
    - I'll always subscribe to threads I've written to, so please do not @
    - For latest DX hot discounts, see: http://tinyurl.com/DX-Deals
  • saintje Tuesday, August 02, 2011 2:24 AM Reply
    Uk is pretty close to holland, so that should really give me an improved shipping time when this one get's fully functional :D
    Hello, I'm DX addicted!
    Buying from The Netherlands!
    First purchase@DX: 25Feb. 2008
    DX's Dutch discussion thread: http://tinyurl.com/7kos9xo
  • acidica Tuesday, August 02, 2011 2:26 AM Reply
    US shipping not available to Canadian customer? I call
    Now I am p!ssed of and now I will stop ordering. Damn.
    And follow Canadian buyer, you better do the same.
    Or you'll have to answer to me! Mouahah :-)
    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why
    it’s called the present.
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    mod edited by WildOne on 9/10/2011 at 9:55 PM
  • DonnieBrasco @DX Staff Tuesday, August 02, 2011 4:10 AM Reply

    The reason why we can't ship to Canada from US is because the shipping cost.

    Shipping cost from US to CA is 4 times higher than US local shipping. And we are still providing free shipping service to all customers. We will add a few more non-free options later at checking out for customers in nearby countries.

    No worry, you'll get covered :)

  • Martin_H Tuesday, August 02, 2011 4:27 AM Reply
    It would be nice that if the whole EU would be covered by the UK warehouse...

    Also.. if technically possible, it would be nice that if each SKU page had a option like "ORDER from UK/USA warehouse"

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