Usage Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to DX MVP BLOG (abbreviated as MVP BLOG), Starting to make use of MVP BLOG means that you have already read, understood and accepted all the contents in the terms, including any future revisions. You are welcomed to inquire about the latest version of the terms of MVP BLOG Service.

Rules of Using the MVP BLOG
Present usage as well as future usage will all be standardized by these terms of service. When using the MVP BLOG all the users must obey the following rules:

a.    All postings not relating to DX’s previous products, previous reviews, comments, videos, pictures and activities will be removed from our MVP BLOG.
b.    Postings that go against the local laws and principles will be removed from our MVP blog immediately.
c.    Postings for any illegal use will be removed from our MVP blog immediately.
d.    Several violations to the networking protocols and rules will result in blocking of your access to the MVP blog.
e.    No pornography, obscenities, and defamatory postings are allowed anywhere on DealExtreme MVP blog.
f.    If you see postings that contain foul language or that are intended to harass other people, please contact us immediately.

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