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DX provides two ways you can participate in our review program: the on-site program allows you to earn DX points and off-site program can earn you Gift Cards or free products. Share your experience and you will be rewarded!

What does a good review include?

  • *Explains the features and operation

  • *Demonstrates the performance

  • *Makes comparison with similar products

  • *Gives unique personal insight about the product

Successful Reviews


1. Only reviews of products from DX are eligible.

2. DX assumes no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to the reviews you post.

3. Your review should be original and cannot be copied from another source.

4. Do not use obscene or objectionable language.

5. Do not promote illegal or immoral conduct.

6. Do not include advertisements or promotional content not associated with DX.

7. DX reserves the right to republish the reviews on DX or other sites with credit to author.

8. Not all reviews will qualify for reward.

9. This offer not available in conjunction with other partnership programs.

10. DX reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

11. Enrollment in Review Program is conditional and subject to change.

Write a review on DX.com and you can be rewarded with DX points. Before you can write an on-site review for any product, you need to purchase the product and then write a review on the product page.

Purchase A Product –>Write A Review –>Submit for Approval –>Get DX Points?–>DX Publishes the Review on the product page

Welcome to our Product Review Team!

First, click the review button at the product page.

Second,click“Create Review” and start writing your review. It’s simple.

Third, you need to submit your review to our system by clicking the “Submit” button and we will give you 1 to 10 DX points once it’s approved.

If you need to check what products you have purchased, you can follow the steps below:

First, go to the order page and click the order number.

Second, look into the order detail, click the “review” button beside each product and you will go to the review page.

Link to FAQ http://cs.dx.com/FAQ/Detail/658 - The guidelines for writing reviews for DX

For off-site reviews, we encourage our customers to write about their recent purchase and post on other relevant sites with detailed review, including texts, photos, and videos, which will help others to make reasonable evaluation on our product.

We offer you the chance to win gift cards or even free products.

For Standard Reviewer:

Purchase the product ->Write A Review->Send the review link for evaluation ->Get A Gift Card of $5 – $50 USD.

Send your review link to [email protected] for evaluation.

You will receive a Gift Card (GC) of $5 to $50 based on the content, quality, location, and popularity of your off-site review.

For VIP Reviewer:

As a VIP reviewer,you can get the product for free.

Email Application->Approved to be VIP reviewer ->Get the proudct for free->Send the review link for evaluation->Continue to be a VIP Reviewer or be downgraded to a normal reviewer

Criteria to become a VIP Reviewer

1. Quality of the content: video, images, text, evaluation of the product

2. Position in Alexa of the website where the Review has been submitted

3. Number of fans/followers of the link (ex: blog, forum, Facebook, Youtube)

How can I apply to be a VIP Reviewer?

Pls filll in this form and sumbit it to us.

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