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  • Easy and simple voltage adjustment for powerful power supply.

    posted bydealarboy on 04/11/2018

    When you need to simultaneously adjust voltage and current in a power supply, you must inevitably resort to solutions that include integrated regulators. In general, any of these components is associated with a minimum amount of passive elements a... Read more

    Impression: Simple powerful voltage adjustment.;

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  • PWM Generator Controller + Speed Reversible for adding to a Stepper Motor Controller.

    posted bydealarboy on 03/27/2018

    This module is intended to be used in conjunction with a motor driver, it cannot be used for driving a stepper motor directly. When using the 12V to 160V supply input option,the 5V to 12V terminal must be left disconnected. This pulse generator is... Read more

    PWM Generator Controller + Speed Reversible for adding to a Stepper Motor Controller.

    Impression: Easy to use PWM Generator Controller.;

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  • Very useful help to regulate DC voltages.

    posted bydealarboy on 03/26/2018

    This DC-DC Adjustable Step-Down Converter is perfect for adjusting the output voltage in custom-made power supplies. The incorporation of capacitors sometimes makes it difficult to adjust the value needed to power home projects. In my case, a from... Read more

    Impression: exellent,Quality,Very good manufacture, it works just unpacked.;

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  • Modernize TVs without Internet access.

    posted bydealarboy on 01/31/2018

    The world of technology runs with leaps and bounds. As a result, any television receiver may be out of the top positions in benefits in a very short time. In my case, I have a very good brand and features but it has been out of the latest trends.... Read more

    Impression: Satisfeito,Very good product,highly recommended;

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  • Nice accessory to decorate Christmas environments.

    posted bydealarboy on 01/31/2018

    This decorative element is very beautiful when added to the rest of the Christmas atmosphere. It can be hung from existing elements or by small fasteners arranged for this purpose. It has an appreciable length so that it occupies most modern Its I... Read more

    Impression: Beautiful and suitable for Christmas.;

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  • This small device saves money and time when it comes to dispatching luggage before embarking on a tr

    posted bydealarboy on 11/28/2017

    Those people who travel through countries or regions in the most varied means of transport will surely have encountered the usual situation in which their bags or backpacks are subject to restrictions of measurements and weights and even in to the... Read more

    Impression: A very useful accessory during trips.;

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  • A good alternative for price and quality.

    posted bydealarboy on 04/28/2017

    Pros: The camera arrived in perfect condition. It is packed in its original box with its guarantee stamps that allow to verify its authenticity on the sjcam website after scraping a tag and copying the number that appears there. I bought it with a... Read more

    Impression: Price and quality is great. ;

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  • Very useful for DIY projects.

    posted bydealarboy on 05/15/2013

    This element is present in virtually all power supplies used, either, for charging batteries of portable device or as a substitute when not available. Are used instead of traditional transformers for many reasons such as weight, size and spurious... Read more

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  • Useful tool to help protect your home.

    posted bydealarboy on 04/22/2013

    Surely you have happened to notice your home bulbs shining with a yellowish tinge. This is surely a sign of a low voltage power supply network that provides your power company. Depending on how low it is, can seriously damage household appliances... Read more

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  • Excellent option to extend the use of a notebook laptop.

    posted bydealarboy on 11/29/2012

    It was really a pleasant surprise to acquire an additional battery, like the original, for my notebook. The four hours that provides the unit are more than enough for any type of work or leisure. Therefore, having the ability to use a laptop in to... Read more

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