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  • 2 channel relay module

    posted by10452948 on 01/03/2017

    Great module I ordered to use in a remote control application to switch lights in the back of the garden. Very easy to use in an Arduino setup.

    Impression: good,Practical,solid;

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  • Fun sensor

    posted by10452948 on 11/24/2016

    This is a fun sensor to use for touch control. Easy to connect. Works right out of the box without needing a library.

    Impression: Fun,Easy;

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  • Practical connector

    posted by10452948 on 11/24/2016

    Handy connector to attach LiPo batteries to already purchased charger modules. Now I can use any LiPo battery with standard JST connector.

    Impression: handy;

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  • Great sensor for making a scale

    posted by10452948 on 10/12/2016

    Easy and straightforward weight sensor. Needs to be hooked up to an HX711 amplifier board to work. Be aware of the wiring. That might differ from sensor to sensor. Best to use in pairs to make a wheatstone bridge to use with the amplifier

    Impression: great,Arduino,Sensor;

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  • Small breadboard

    posted by10452948 on 09/20/2016

    Just what I needed: a smaller version of the large breadboard I was using before. You don't always need all those extra connections. Small is simple...

    Impression: Useful;

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  • Great temperature & humidity sensor

    posted by10452948 on 09/20/2016

    This is the more accurate version of the DHT11 which was just what I needed for a project. It worked right out of the box.

    Impression: excellent,Easy,Accurate;

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  • Great and small solar panel

    posted by10452948 on 09/20/2016

    Soldering the connecting wires is a jiffy. It is a small and practical solar panel for powering energy efficient Arduino setups. I use it in combination with a LiPo battery charger/discharger also found on DealExtreme.

    Impression: solar,Solderable;

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  • Set of LiPo batteries with charger

    posted by10452948 on 09/20/2016

    I wanted to run my Arduino boards on LiPo batteries. I came across this set which is great value for money. You get 4 batteries and a charger. No complaints!

    Impression: Good value;

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  • Great charger for solar setup

    posted by10452948 on 09/20/2016

    Great LiPo charger board to build a solar charged setup. With a bit of soldering you can hook up the necessary wiring to connect a solar panel, LiPo battery and power plug to power Arduino boards.

    Impression: Useful,Solar charging;

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  • Keeps Arduino boards powered

    posted by10452948 on 08/29/2016

    I am using several power sources (battery holders, solar panels) that come with only wires. Attach one of these and you can easily connect to the available female connector on your Arduino board.

    Impression: Practical;

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