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  • Cool extended battery

    posted bypolesapart on 11/24/2011

    Nice extended battery pack. Lasts about 60% more than the original 1900mah. On my phone with Cyanogen MOD 7 that's about 40h of daily use (I game and browse the web a lot on the phone). The outside cover looks like cheap plastic and it makes very... Read more

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  • Very nice, true EDR.

    posted bypolesapart on 02/27/2011

    - Very nice range, I can walk around my house on my bt headsets, not like my previous adapter. - Supports EDR (I got ~ 2.5 mbps transfers between my phone and the pc) - Works on Linux, plug and play. - Stable and nice sound with my av890 headset.... Read more

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  • Nice cutter!

    posted bypolesapart on 02/27/2011

    - It simply works. - The companion blade is very sharp - It came with an extra blade! - It has a place to hold one (maybe two!) extra blades inside - It has nice handling, steady and firm. - Looks resistant. - The autolock works just fine; None I... Read more

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  • Very cool device!

    posted bypolesapart on 12/02/2010

    Very cool bluetooth receiver. When connected to a decent amplifier (i.e. even a standard hi-fi stereo from the 80s), it sounds crystal clear, both when playing music from my phone and from my laptop. It either has a very small AC output decoupling... Read more

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  • Very good, cheap replacement!

    posted bypolesapart on 11/08/2010

    Cheap, good quality, has universal connectors, if the battery fits inside the phone and it requires a 3.6v battery, then this one is for you :-) None I can think of. It's smaller than I tought it would be, but that's a plus, if you know what I :-)... Read more

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  • I love this can :D

    posted bypolesapart on 05/26/2010

    Lightweight, good size, Portable, doesn't get warm at all, and the usb port is very helpful. It "Just Works™". It's quite a bit noisy, and it gets noisier with time, I guess it's due to dust accumulating on the blower. This is quite It I... Read more

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  • Very cool mouse ;)

    posted bypolesapart on 02/19/2010

    - Very sensitive mouse, the best wireless I've played with so far. - Bluetooth, so you don't have to waste a usb port just for a mouse receiver - Good immunity to noise Not really a con, but it's a regular size mouse. It's not a big one, but it's... Read more

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  • Very good item!

    posted bypolesapart on 08/21/2009

    It's both lighter and smaller than I tough (it's about 20% bigger than an actual cola can), it can power my lg le50 express laptop with no effort, both to regular use and / or battery recharging. It's easy to carry around since the cables are kept... Read more

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