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  • I need more of these

    posted byteizz on 08/23/2016

    Pros: At ~$0.30 a piece these are excellent little boards for quick testing, or if you need to wire up a quick and easy circuit. All of them are sturdy, and the holes are actual via's so solder will flow through them and it's easy to get a good as... Read more

    Impression: Good quality,sturdy,Good finish;

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  • Not 435nm but 405nm wavelenght.

    posted byteizz on 12/28/2015

    Pros: Sturdy well build casing, seems rugged and is easy to use with a push button on the back. Very bright even for a violet laser. Cons: Definitely not a 435nm wavelength as advertised (this used to be advertised as 470nm). These are just the as... Read more

    Impression: Very bright.,Not the colour I was looking for.;

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  • Makes a fullsized male into a micro male

    posted byteizz on 03/12/2014

    It's cheap, it clicks on, doesn't fall off, and has a narrow extension to get into smaller holes. Some adapters will be square with a little micro connector sticking out one end, those you sometimes can't get into the micro HDMI hole since it's a... Read more

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  • Does what is says on the... bag.

    posted byteizz on 03/12/2014

    Connects 2 HDMI devices together, the price is good since going to the store and getting one will be about 10 times that if not more sometimes. None really, it could be longer... but then I should have gotten a longer version. Don't waste your on... Read more

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  • Great IR only filter

    posted byteizz on 04/28/2011

    Easy to use. Simply screw on your 72mm lens or existing 72mm filter. Great quality, not letting through any other wavelength than the infra-red band. With Low Pass Filter in place in your existing camera, you might need long exposure time at high... Read more

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  • Maybe to bright?

    posted byteizz on 07/06/2009

    + It's very bright, feels much brighter than a 5mW green laser. + Heavy build quality, feels sturdy and solid when putting in the batteries + Batteries come included + Shipped in a little box with foam, so no dents or buckles on this item + Very -... Read more

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  • Dinky but fun toy

    posted byteizz on 07/06/2009

    + Laser comes out when you press the button + It's red + Very cheap + Cats go nuts, they react much better to red laser than green laser. + Adjustable focus - Not a cheap as other red lasers - Casing is thin metal, mine had dents in it from so I 2... Read more

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