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  • Great charger!

    posted byMavamaarten on 05/08/2013

    Stops charging at arround 4.185 v Red/Green LED for each battery, showing wether it's charging or ready Cheap! The charger feels a little light, but the build quality seems to be good other than the weight. Cable length is shorter than on the Not... Read more

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  • Amazing flashlight. Would buy again!

    posted byMavamaarten on 05/08/2013

    BRIGHT! Much brighter than my 200lm flashlight I already owned. Probably not 800lm but still really really bright. You can focus the beam and shine REALLY far. 5 Different modes (Strobe, HI, MID, LOW, SOS). Housing gets a little warm during usage,... Read more

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  • Works great on Android!

    posted byMavamaarten on 05/08/2013

    Supports up to 4 controllers Plug and play on Android Build quality is fine Works great with no input lag at all Not plug and play on Windows, you need to install the drivers from the little CD to get it to work. The "X360" written on do... Read more

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  • Amazing!

    posted byMavamaarten on 08/07/2012

    Very bright Runs of 1xAA battery Cheap You can focus the beam All metal Belt clip is too strong Perhaps a little small? I bought this flashlight to use in my youth movement. It's extremely bright (Brighter than my friend's maglite!) and it feels I... Read more

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  • Working great on my tablet!

    posted byMavamaarten on 07/05/2012

    Works fine Relatively cheap (could be cheaper but in the stores you pay like 7 dollars for something like this) Looks quite okay Cable is the perfect length Could be cheaper I bought this to use on my Archos G9 80 tablet. Now I can connect a USB... Read more

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  • Great! Must-have for every biker who likes a GPS companion!

    posted byMavamaarten on 07/05/2012

    Holds your phone very secure (!) Easy to use Getting the phone out is harder than putting it in Not for use on rough terrain, but what did you expect. The picture of the woman... dafuq? You can get it out quite easily though. I bought this for my... Read more

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  • Amazing. I didn't expect a great knife but it actually is!

    posted byMavamaarten on 07/05/2012

    Feels very sturdy Looks amazing Sharp out of the box Fully metal I didn't notice the safety thing at first the "holster" feels cheap, but what did you expect ;) I wanted a cheap knife to use in my youth movement. I thought it would be a stupid but... Read more

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  • Great product, better than expected !

    posted byMavamaarten on 03/16/2011

    Looks very good (at a small distance) Cheap Good sound quality (for the price) Very light Hard to pair the first time Slightly assymetrical (not that bad though) Huge "earpieces" Slightly too big (But I have a pretty small head, lol) Once you know... Read more

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  • Amazingly good, for the price !

    posted byMavamaarten on 08/07/2010

    Plug and play easy to use LED to see wich controller is plugged in Pretty long cable Works with alot of games Feels rather cheap Ugly package 1st controller is on the right 2nd controller is on the left Does not really work with all games This is... Read more

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  • Awesome lighter, a real MUST HAVE !

    posted byMavamaarten on 02/23/2010

    Really hot flame Great build quality (body) Child safety (when you carry it with you) Flame lock switch not working (only when you hold it yourself) I'm impressed with the build quality. It really looks better than on alot of pictures. The plastic... Read more

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