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  • My first walkie talkies

    posted byllasher on 06/14/2013

    Nice solid feel Quality design aesthetic Battery drain Small LCD and a bit cryptic for newbie Okay, I know nothing about walkie talkies so I took a punt and bought these. Why? Who knows when the zombie apocalypse will render the cellular phone I I... Read more

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  • Unusual stogie slicer

    posted byllasher on 06/14/2013

    Sturdy, heavy feel Good blade movement Competitively priced I'm told the screws fall out Not a compact, pocket slicer Cigar cutters can hurt you Cigar smoking is fun. Don't let killjoys tell you it can cause oral cancer, they're just jealous of as... Read more

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  • A case of "I like it"

    posted byllasher on 06/14/2013

    Sturdy Good lead length and quality Strong base Price Large size not for all applications These are not a 9V battery case I have seen much in standard electronics catalogues, although they may be there. In fact, so unaccustomed was I to such a I I... Read more

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  • Byatch cutter

    posted byllasher on 01/18/2012

    Sturdy build Fashionable black and yellow 3 blades Heavy More blades would be nice A dollar cheaper? The rubber handle will get scummy This is a nicely weighted box cutter, you can grip it firmly and cut shyat. I know these cheap blades only last... Read more

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  • So very cold and bright

    posted byllasher on 12/27/2011

    Cheap Cold white light The optic lens doesn't fit! Small pads for wires A good price for a 3 emitter cold white LED. The strip is a good form factor: attaches easily to an aluminium strip heatsink type deal that you can DIY (I bought some alum L I... Read more

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  • Enlargement device

    posted byllasher on 07/03/2011

    Good weight Bright with 6 LEDs 2 switch positions/brightnesses Big lens Two position switch easy to leave on! I still want it to be brighter I bought this because of the price and reviews, and reckon this is one of the better of this type on Dx. a... Read more

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  • Third hand relief

    posted byllasher on 05/22/2011

    Good weight base Fairly useful design Useable magnifier Average build quality Screw clamp alligator clips unreliable I am quite happy with this device, although probably would have chosen to have one with a light and I haven't found the iron much... Read more

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  • A reel steal

    posted byllasher on 04/22/2011

    Nice and shiny Really cool looking and can be polished with soft cloth Slide on two piece design Good value Button access good Lightweight but looks heavy Molding joins can be seen and look a bit messy Silver covering coming off/thin in places and... Read more

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  • An iron for solderers

    posted byllasher on 04/22/2011

    Good price for a soldering iron Clear case looks cool Light to handle Not sure how accurate and useful temp control is (I keep on full all the time) Build quality of dial is average US plug type I have no idea what the wire and clamp does (not a I... Read more

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  • A glowing review

    posted byllasher on 04/20/2011

    Glows in dark, as advertised Fits like a glowing glove Soft silicon, like a prosthetic titty Doesn't glow that much Gave me testicular cancer iPhone 4 cases are great, you can change them and people look at your iPhone differently. Each day! This... Read more

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