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  • Board I like

    posted byllasher on 01/03/2017

    Pros: cheap and cheerful, well cheap and content; easy to build circuit on; copper tends to stay in place Cons: Quality just okay; not always ideal configuration; I prefer strip board; I also prefer strippers

    Impression: Good ole FR4,solder on!,holes lotta love;

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  • Almost blue, actually blue

    posted byllasher on 01/03/2017

    Pros: nice torch, good finish, great throw, excellent hurl, optimal TLE, 5% milk Cons: underlubed, sharp bits can get caught in nether-regions, not good for keistering, scratches corn hole when inserted, inflames rectal mucosa when lodged, the ole... Read more

    Impression: Good throw and LED;

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  • Adhesive and heatsinkatitive? What is this crazy talk??

    posted byllasher on 08/08/2016

    This is great, a glue and heatsink compound all in one! Or is it...Yes, it is. Okay, it doesn't stick like epoxy, plus the tube dried up (my fault), and I don't think it substitutes for a good mechanical fastening of your heat sensitive component,... Read more

    Impression: good,Uniquely unique.;

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  • Flat cat mat

    posted byllasher on 08/08/2016

    How ironiaciacal, a mouse mat...with a cat on it! Imagine the confusion at the llasher household when this doozy arrived at the door, clutched by a surly brown man in a short sleeved shirt driving a Toyota van. How is this relevant? Well the mouse... Read more

    Impression: A. Cat.;

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  • My first walkie talkies

    posted byllasher on 06/14/2013

    Nice solid feel Quality design aesthetic Battery drain Small LCD and a bit cryptic for newbie Okay, I know nothing about walkie talkies so I took a punt and bought these. Why? Who knows when the zombie apocalypse will render the cellular phone I I... Read more

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  • Unusual stogie slicer

    posted byllasher on 06/14/2013

    Sturdy, heavy feel Good blade movement Competitively priced I'm told the screws fall out Not a compact, pocket slicer Cigar cutters can hurt you Cigar smoking is fun. Don't let killjoys tell you it can cause oral cancer, they're just jealous of as... Read more

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  • A case of "I like it"

    posted byllasher on 06/14/2013

    Sturdy Good lead length and quality Strong base Price Large size not for all applications These are not a 9V battery case I have seen much in standard electronics catalogues, although they may be there. In fact, so unaccustomed was I to such a I I... Read more

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  • Byatch cutter

    posted byllasher on 01/18/2012

    Sturdy build Fashionable black and yellow 3 blades Heavy More blades would be nice A dollar cheaper? The rubber handle will get scummy This is a nicely weighted box cutter, you can grip it firmly and cut shyat. I know these cheap blades only last... Read more

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  • So very cold and bright

    posted byllasher on 12/27/2011

    Cheap Cold white light The optic lens doesn't fit! Small pads for wires A good price for a 3 emitter cold white LED. The strip is a good form factor: attaches easily to an aluminium strip heatsink type deal that you can DIY (I bought some alum L I... Read more

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  • Enlargement device

    posted byllasher on 07/03/2011

    Good weight Bright with 6 LEDs 2 switch positions/brightnesses Big lens Two position switch easy to leave on! I still want it to be brighter I bought this because of the price and reviews, and reckon this is one of the better of this type on Dx. a... Read more

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