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  • Easy to connect, range is OK

    posted byNoQueue on 06/22/2016

    Pros: Cheap receiver that actually works. It is easy to use and connect witn my phone. Cons: Analog output is not recommended for headphones. Very little bass compared to connect the headphones directly to the phone. Bad connection in the analog a... Read more

    Impression: Useful,Easy;

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  • Large and bright LED strip

    posted byNoQueue on 03/30/2016

    Pros: Cheap, bright, and useful for workshop lightning. More than enough light at [email protected] Insane at [email protected] I wonder in what other applications I can use them. Cons: Fragile construction. Rather thin aluminium base that got arched during No to... Read more

    Large and bright LED strip

    Impression: Bright as the sun;

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  • Affordable and functional remote control for your Olympus camera

    posted byNoQueue on 12/28/2015

    Pros: Plug and play. Works right from the box. No problems. Plenty of menues, but most important I can make long exposure images without touching the camera. Cons: None Other thoughts: Some say this control is expensive. I think not. You get what... Read more

    Impression: Good quality,Works Well,Easy to use;

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  • Bought 20 more of these

    posted byNoQueue on 12/28/2015

    Pros: Easy to install and use. 100% reflective due to its optical properties. Cons: 5 pack will make some scratches on the smooth surface. Cracks if you use powerful LEDs due to heat. 5W LED maximum. Other thoughts: Not sure if this review goes as... Read more

    Impression: Cheap,Easy,Shallow;

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  • Suitable as addon optics for SKU 4544

    posted byNoQueue on 12/28/2015

    Pros: Cheap and useful addon optics for acrylic secondary optics. Cons: None. Other: Using clear silicone and fix this lens in the center of SKU 4544. This will enhance the SKU 4544 secondary optics to throw "waste" or "scattered" LED light Focal... Read more

    Impression: Good quality;

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  • Affordable optics

    posted byNoQueue on 12/12/2015

    Pros: Cheap, highly reflective, easy to use, easy to mount. Cons: Came scratchy in 5 pack bags without protection. High power LED's will cause the optics to crack due to heat. So don't put more than 5W LED in them. I used 10W LED that resulted in... Read more

    Impression: Cheap,Easy,Shallow;

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  • High quality at low price.

    posted byNoQueue on 12/06/2015

    Pros: Came with a plastic case with padding inside. Mine is colored as in the picture. Very smooth to rotate. Works good with my dash cam SKU 391750, but an adapter is required to make it fit. Cons: None Other thoughts: I have 3D-printed an so it... Read more

    High quality at low price.

    Impression: good,It works,Smooth;

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  • A good quality camcorder with very little lensflare.

    posted byNoQueue on 11/22/2015

    Pros: Wide angle camcorder with good video quality. Good sensitivity in darkness. Coated lens reduce lens flare to a minimum. Enough options/settings to make you a happy camcorder owner. Heavy for its size - not like cheap light plastic rubbish, -... Read more

    A good quality camcorder with very little lensflare.

    Impression: High Quality,No lens flare,High sensitivity;

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  • Large lens suitable for large LEDs.

    posted byNoQueue on 10/07/2015

    Pros: Big size is usable for LEDs with large surface area. Relatively short focal point makes sure that lots of the LED light goes through the lens (approx 100 degrees of the LED output). Cons: Even if most of the LED light pass through the lens,... Read more

    Impression: Smooth and robust;

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  • Very efficient heatsink for 25-100W LED

    posted byNoQueue on 10/07/2015

    Pros: Heavy duty heatsink suitable for demanding applications such as cooling high power LED. Baught two for my 100W LEDs. Works perfect. Cons: Actually no particular cons. The fins have a large surface area which means they are fragile. In the No... Read more

    Impression: good,Heavy duty heatsink;

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