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  • Handy at home and when traveling

    posted byFestus on 02/24/2015

    Smaller than expected - very easily packed. Comes with a small soft bag and instructions. Fits most global AC wall sockets with maybe a few very uncommon/out-dated exceptions. Sliders work easily without sticking and lock when extended. Fuse with... Read more

    Impression: Very Handy, and not only for travel;

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  • Great sound, poor instructions (esp. FM tuning)

    posted byFestus on 12/21/2014

    Excellent sound and features for the size and price, with Bluetooth, TF Card, audio cable and FM tuner source options! Charges via any USB outlet. While the audio quality is great for the size and price - there's no really deep bass that a more -... Read more

    Impression: Very good;

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  • Could be handy when repairing electrical fittings.

    posted byFestus on 09/27/2014

    Inexpensive, small and self-powered. Only able to figure out some features using Google Translate, so not sure how useful it might be or how to use it without risk of harming myself. Need a good English translation before I risk doing any repairs... Read more

    Impression: Chinese-only instructions;

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  • Handy, but be careful in use

    posted byFestus on 08/23/2014

    Compact, well made and handy when travelling, camping, in the car or at a picnic. Finely constructed, doesn't leak if pulled up tight to full height. Best washed retracted, so water can flow completely over loose rings. Relies on rings being a fit... Read more

    Impression: Looks great, but risky in use;

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  • Handy for travellers or emergency use

    posted byFestus on 08/23/2014

    Several tools on the one small metal 'card'. So small and thin, it could easily be slipped into a wallet along with credit cards, or left in a backpack for emergencies. Black finish scrapes off in use, revealing shiny stainless metal. Cutouts and... Read more

    Impression: handy, but not a precision tool;

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  • Simple but well made slip-on cover

    posted byFestus on 08/20/2014

    Two part construction - a softer rubbery main case with a slightly firmer shiny plastic border. Fits easily but securely over a Note 2. All cut-out holes have bevelled edges and align perfectly. Slight matt finish to the rear side offers grip and... Read more

    Impression: Well made and durable;

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  • All phablet covers should work like this!

    posted byFestus on 08/20/2014

    Flexible plastic cover slips easily over the rear and sides of a Note 2. Cutouts in the case align well with lenses, mike, sockets, S-pen and speaker. Note 2's on/off and volume buttons are covered by this case, however the case has 'buttons' into... Read more

    Impression: Clever design, useful and inexpensive;

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  • Very small, very adaptable

    posted byFestus on 07/07/2014

    Tiny, yet very capable and adaptable. Can be used as a WiFi repeater, bridge or add WiFi to nearly any LAN device e.g. a PVR or printer. Browser-based setup is used to configure the adapter to the required task. Depending on the it can be very to... Read more

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  • Inexpensive yet very rugged and well made.

    posted byFestus on 07/07/2014

    Inexpensive, but very solid metal construction. Handy zoom function. Sturdy pocket clip also prevents it rolling away. Reasonably bright with a single AA battery. Rubber end cap on/off click switch. Lots of protruding metal angles which seem to to... Read more

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  • Turns existing full-size HDMI cables into Mini and Micro cables

    posted byFestus on 05/06/2014

    It's annoying to have several HDMI cables laying about, but you can't seem to find the one that fits the camera or smartphone. This adapter makes a Mini or Micro HDMI out of any standard HDMI cable. It also features a 90 degree bend which is often... Read more

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