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  • It does provide signal gain

    posted byromaneth on 09/09/2011

    Well, In few words I like it, instead of spreading RF spectrum widely, it narrows beam to one area. I couldn'y measure exactl increase but it may be as suggested 6-8dbm. I'd purchased it to beam wifi to my android TV sku.66302 I'm anticipating to... Read more

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  • Very nice and useful in EU

    posted byromaneth on 08/18/2011

    It is very small and fits into deep EU wall sockets. I use it with resonance speaker sku.70121 as its power source, because connecting those to USB power generates audible noise on other USB devices usage, like mouse, card readers or overall PC is... Read more

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  • Very loud and beautiful design

    posted byromaneth on 08/03/2011

    Very small and surprisingly loud sound. Its construction provides resonance to surfaces too, thus entire desk is vibrating and making deeper sounds than I'd expect from such gadget. Very interesting and beautiful ying-yang design too. Connected to... Read more

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  • Nicely built, small size

    posted byromaneth on 07/27/2011

    Quite small easily fits into my gadgets/photo bag. Is a must thing for power hungry Android LG P350... My cell phone usually sucks off all the power within 8 hours of intensive use with twitter, facebook, eBay 3.5G calls, data and Skype services.... Read more

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  • Makes fat, useful sparks!!! (useful product)

    posted byromaneth on 07/01/2011

    Well, it makes useful sparks to fire up dry fibers (like silk cocoons) for example and set the fire even when this magnesium stick gets wet. Make sure you keep your burning materials dry and ready to use. Nothing that I'd notice now. Can fire up a... Read more

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  • Useful easy to use...

    posted byromaneth on 06/27/2011

    It is very easy to use blood pressure meter. Unfortunately mine came all in Chinese from buttons to manual. I was kinda discombobulated first but figured out where on/off (start) button is. It came with very nice, compact plastic storage box. and... Read more

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  • Extremely fast shipment, very spacey bag

    posted byromaneth on 05/07/2011

    Bag was tightly wrapped and it didn't feel like it'd have space for something as large as DSLR with battery grip and tons of accessories. My later discoveries shows it is much bigger than it looks at a first glance. First - main compartment - has... Read more

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  • Is larger than it looks...

    posted byromaneth on 04/29/2011

    it is much bigger than it looks at a first glance. First - main compartment - has 2 separate soft-holstered rain-proof parts inside with band to tightly close them. In one there's space for DSLR with up to 6" (17cm) long lens in one and up to... Read more

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  • Feels good

    posted byromaneth on 04/04/2011

    It works well with my Pentax K-5 battery grip sku.31967 but you can buy it to use as second, fully charged battery for your Pentax K-7 or Pentax K-5. Mine came fully charged so I just using it from the moment I got it out of my package. Thank you... Read more

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  • ame as D-BG-4 for Pentax K-5

    posted byromaneth on 04/04/2011

    Same as Pentax D-BG4 battery grip works with lithium battery (sku.29921) and 6 AA-type batteries. All button functions are the same. I'm using it with sku.29921 lithium battery and this grip fits well on my Pentax K-5 body. It gives more power in... Read more

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