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  • Very well built

    posted byvsukwizard on 05/11/2014

    Right off the bat the finish on this thing is flawless. The whole look has perfect cnc machining and paint with etching and super smooth threads. 26.5 drop-in is a snug fit and a 18650 sits nice without any rattle. In the hand it is a very feel of... Read more

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  • Good light spred

    posted byvsukwizard on 02/02/2014

    Nice sped of light and quite solid. The light is a very strong bright white and matches up well with my 6000k HID headlamp. These have been in my scooter for just over a week and are still working. The scooter has lots of vibration and huge so are... Read more

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  • Little torches

    posted byvsukwizard on 11/02/2012

    Bright. The brightest I have found so far (02/11/12). I have these in my motorcycle and the t10 points forward so I get two torches illuminating my path. This really is great as "normal" t10 bulbs just give a glow. LONG so if you have a... Read more

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  • British £5 or £10 fits

    posted byvsukwizard on 10/15/2012

    I wanted a place to put some paper money safe and this is perfect for the job. Very well water sealed when new and I have had several shallow water dips and the contents were kept dry. The rubber seal is weak and if you over loaded it then it will... Read more

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  • Half you small finger will fit inside

    posted byvsukwizard on 10/15/2012

    It's lightweight and will keep out water during normal outdoor activities and when new they are also good for surface water activities. I got a black one so will only point out the paint looks to be very robust. rubber seal is too thin and buckles... Read more

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  • Simple and dependable

    posted byvsukwizard on 03/08/2012

    • It has done the job of charging three sets of my batteries. • The construction and build quality are quite good. • Operates on 240v AC and 12v DC. • This should be fairly reliable. I have had one of these chargers for about 2 years • The quality... Read more

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  • Great design

    posted byvsukwizard on 01/02/2012

    This is a nice well thought out piece of that does the job flawlessly For me the best part about this thing is the simple design. Every thing is in the right place and there are no ugly bits hanging off it. Also for me this located nice on my I've... Read more

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  • Does the job very well indeed

    posted byvsukwizard on 01/02/2012

    Almost identical to the original. This is not just an look alike aftermarket controller it really does ooze quality. If you don't take into account the price and you really push me to fault it then all I can say is the analog sticks are a little a... Read more

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  • Top Quality

    posted byvsukwizard on 03/25/2010

    Quality is perfect! I'v looked and looked again and there is no fail. I'v put in a Q5 and now have my best flood tool. Quick list of the stuff I like. 1. Paint is tough (good still after hip drop) 2. Deep OP (onion peel) reflector is FANTISTIC! a... Read more

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  • I'm happy

    posted byvsukwizard on 03/09/2010

    The tital of UltraFire Protected 18650 3.7V 2400mAh Lithium Batteries looks to be a very close match. And they work with all my 18650 torches. I dont trust any mAh rating from DX because they are always inflated. I'm a big fan of Max mAh to size.... Read more

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