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  • Clear Display from 2 meters and nice design

    posted bypss2010 on 12/04/2014

    Pros: Clear Display, Small for Pocket, thin, Reasonable build. Cons: Manual waste of Time. it was pure nonsense.. probably use google translate from Chinese to English. Both 2 of these since they are cheap.. both worked but one had BAD temp reading said ... Read more

    Impression: Nice design;

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  • Worked with Android 4.2 but not ics

    posted bypss2010 on 05/07/2014

    -Nice feel -rechargable battery -small for shirt pocket -light -many functions -didnt work on zgpax smart watch. Paired Ok but wont connect.. work on cinese 4.2 tablet though but I bought to use with watch.. sadly its not much use then - could make it ... Read more

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  • Finally a replacement cable that clips in and stays in

    posted bypss2010 on 04/02/2014

    -Charges Fine on Note 10.1 -Clips in solid on Note 10.1 unlike so many other cables bought from dx.com with 30pin plug.. -nice and extra long.. helps prevent tugging on cable and breaking it like the original -fine cable/flexible -well made but not entirely ... Read more

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  • great sound from 1.5 inch speakers

    posted bypss2010 on 03/21/2014

    -good sound.. can have reasonably loud before distortion.. better then tablet speakers anyhow -clips on top of tablets or laptops -on.off switch and usb for power.. however not sure if charging the battery still.. will leave on over night as once remove ... Read more

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  • one of the better phone watches so far

    posted bypss2010 on 03/19/2014

    -Light -Reasonable build. looks modern stylist -Soft rubber arm band -true android but their own launcher but can Rooted and modified -Speaker is loud and seems ok for voice -bright clear screen but still need good eyes -ideal for a teen to 20 something ... Read more

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  • Best Chinese Table so far bought of DX

    posted bypss2010 on 03/06/2014

    -Good Build -Battery last long.. 5hrs or so with games -clear bright screen but like most still hard to read in bright sun light.. have to shade it -gps works -can root it to superuser - a bit wide so hard to get a case to fit it. other brands slightly ... Read more

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  • Best Google TV box bought+preROOTed

    posted bypss2010 on 02/13/2014

    -Small as big as a hand -strong signal cos of external antenna wireless G and N 2.4ghz (newer models have dual band 5ghz but didnt need that) -fast -4 usb ports (normal) makes plugging in wifi keyboard+gamepad a snip -preROOTed.. can install adaway and ... Read more

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  • Works and is pre-rooted but some issues

    posted bypss2010 on 01/15/2014

    -Solid Metal box. good heat dispersing -very fast once running -The GUI sucks.. they have modifed the OS and removed the onscreen home and back buttons which I cant find way to turn back on.. so its harder to use with 3rd party controllers if they dont ... Read more

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  • Some issues with build quality and how to charge it!

    posted bypss2010 on 01/10/2014

    -Delivers 1amp for about 8 hours no problems -Portable -not too bulky or heavy but it does have 3 cells inside.. each at 8whx 3.7 volts. -No instructions how to charge. the led glows red with either the switch on or off and doesnt turn green when charge ... Read more

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  • Amazing Device

    posted bypss2010 on 12/26/2013

    -Small -Very Fast for a Dual Core model (faster then the chinese crappy $250 tablet I bought from DX a year ago) -Turns any HD tv with hdmi in to Better then a smart tv. install any games and apps from the play store -plug usb 2 Pc mouse to the usb 2 ... Read more

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