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  • Works with MPEG-4 H.264 in Norway

    posted byKooPa79 on 01/26/2010

    Plug it in, let Windows Update install the driver, and set up Windows Seven Media Center. This works with MPEG-4 H.264 here in Norway. I was suprised it worked so easiely, we live in the edge of coverage, but still with the little antenna put in I... Read more

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  • Don't hesitate - buy it!

    posted byKooPa79 on 07/17/2009

    No need to drill holes in your dashboard og using double-sided tape. Just put it in the window and remove it if you change car. About 10% of the price of a original Nokia holder here in Norway. The screw (wheel) to lock the phone holder to the is... Read more

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  • If you need distance between antenna and computer

    posted byKooPa79 on 07/16/2009

    Magnetic foot. Long cable to get it out of the way or in a window for getting better signal. I picked up fewer wlans with this than with the original short antenna. It may be useful if you put it in a window or something where you can't place your... Read more

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  • Buy this so you have a second battery

    posted byKooPa79 on 05/17/2009

    I have taken many photos on a single charge with this, not sure if it is exactly like original, but it must be close. The battery is too large. I need to shake the camera a little to get the battery out of the camera house. Guess I need to cut of... Read more

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  • Great as a second charger or a replacement

    posted byKooPa79 on 05/17/2009

    All kinds of charger plugs – for many phones. The SonyEricsson taps always gets stuck in the phone, needs to pull the pins out and enter them in the charger plug after use. This can be solved by supergluing the taps onto the charger plug. This to... Read more

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  • Good for a second TV

    posted byKooPa79 on 04/28/2009

    Small remote control with all the normal buttons on it. Can take long time before the remote finds the TV. I can't get it to work on my Sony CRT TV, I tried for 10 minutes, then the TV automaticly shutted down (was on a channel without signal). Is... Read more

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  • It's a SATA cable

    posted byKooPa79 on 04/24/2009

    Seems like any other SATA cable I got. The length is about the same as my other SATA cables. I can't find any cons. It's a cable and it works. What more can I say? I needed a couple of SATA cables, and I got 10 cheaper than 1 costs here in Norway.... Read more

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  • A great replacement

    posted byKooPa79 on 03/23/2009

    Looks like a original japan wii remote. I blindtested this with 4 other people and they did not feel any difference from the original wii remote. The sound is a bit louder than the original wii remote. The only difference on this and original is a... Read more

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  • I recommend this

    posted byKooPa79 on 07/29/2008

    Cheap and nice looking mp3/mp4 player. Looks like ipod nano. The build quality seems good. The menu is a little slow. Picture viewing is very slow. Haven't tried video. Could't get it working on Windows Vista at first. Changed to another usb cable... Read more

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  • Cheap multi charger

    posted byKooPa79 on 04/08/2008

    The AC adapter and car adapter can be used to charge any usb-powered gadget (within 500mA) Here in Norway this costs 3-4 times more than DX. The AC adapter and the usb plug gets pretty hot. On the wide SonyEricsson connector the get stuck in the a... Read more

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