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  • If 320x240 is enough for you...

    posted byhsthompson on 05/21/2014

    Small, can carry easily Lens is actually pretty good: focuses easily, doesn't require much fiddling to get a sharp image and there isn't any appreciable distortion. Native resolution is low 320x240 (not 640x480 as advertised) Brightness is not 500... Read more

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  • Cheapest Android phone there is, and what a bargain

    posted byhsthompson on 04/05/2014

    - You cannot get a cheaper Android phone without simlocks or subsidies - Two SIM slots - Good phone reception everywhere - Loud! - Skype, Netflix, etc, work nicely - Touchscreen is capacitive - Has FM Radio - Chinese default language, only English... Read more

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  • Cheap and cheerful

    posted byhsthompson on 01/30/2014

    Netflix works! XBMC works (so Hulu!) Loud-ish, so decent as alarm clock (if you keep it powered, see cons) Runs whatever you throw at it. Dead easy to root. Cheap. Very cheap. Come on. Two cinema tickets and hotdogs can easily cost more money than... Read more

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  • Double the connectors, double the fun

    posted byhsthompson on 02/21/2013

    Not only useful for Blackberry: if you have two gadgets that charge off Micro USB, you can charge them at the same time from one port. Or connect one to the PC and charge another. Cable is very solid and connectors are well made. They are very but... Read more

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  • You have iPad, you have glasses, buy it.

    posted byhsthompson on 05/28/2012

    It's a soft cloth for cleaning your gadgets. Soaks finger oil like a fresh toasted baguette soaks olive oil. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It really is 3M, not a knockoff. Gluten free (?) I'd like to have a towel sized version for the I... Read more

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  • Very good keyboard

    posted byhsthompson on 01/21/2012

    - Very good keyboard this. Big keys, good tactile feedback - Easy to clean (which is useful if you tend to eat in front of your computer... don't ask, I'm a busy man) - Nice to carry around, doesn't take much space if you want to use it with a for... Read more

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  • No DD-WRT yet, but good value!

    posted byhsthompson on 01/15/2012

    - Works as a router - Works as an Access Point - Works as a wireless to ethernet converter - Antenna is detachable, connector is standard. - Decent throughput - No DD-WRT or OpenWRT support. Kind of a big deal considering what this could do with a... Read more

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  • Nice clipon

    posted byhsthompson on 01/15/2012

    - Good material, image not too dark - Very good image separation - Good strong attachment on the glasses - Excellent price - Plasticky, but what else could you expect at the price? - Because of the point above, I'm not sure of the durability. - on... Read more

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  • Does what it says on the tin, also a walkman

    posted byhsthompson on 01/15/2012

    - Is a pretty decent walkman on its own. - Mechanical parts have a good solid feel to them. - Does what it says on the tin. - The capture software that comes with it, Audacity, may be free software, but it is a very good choice. - If you already a... Read more

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  • The case for the Nook Color and Nook Tablet

    posted byhsthompson on 12/05/2011

    - Right size for the device (and several other besides) - Build quality good. - You can use it as a stand - It stays closed nicely - Much better than SKU.49303 if you have a Nook... - ...and two bucks cheaper. - I would have preferred a more as in... Read more

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