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  • Fantastic light for the price

    posted byChips11 on 06/06/2013

    great light. Flood-to-throw slider is fairly stiff, so it won't accidently slide to a new position. It's nice that it takes both AAA and 18650 cell. Sturdy light, no issues with being heavily shook around (like while riding a bike). Some people it... Read more

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  • Fantastic temp sensor!

    posted byChips11 on 10/10/2012

    A wonderful, high quality Stainless Steel enclosed DS18b20 temperature sensor. You can stick it right into a pot of boiling water with no issues. Works very well with Arduino; tons of code available just google. The cable could be a bit longer. I... Read more

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  • great price for a DHT11 chip

    posted byChips11 on 09/19/2012

    Very easy to use an interface with Arduino; simply copy and paste code from the arduino website and you'll be up and running. Seems to be relatively accurate. Temp not as good as the ds18b20, but good enough for most hobby applications. Humidity a... Read more

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  • Amazing light for the price

    posted byChips11 on 11/04/2011

    Wow...what a difference this light makes over the standard built in flash on the camera. I use this in TTL mode on my Nikon D3000 and it works perfectly. The camera recognizes the flash and works well in auto flash mode. Recharge is very quicker a... Read more

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  • Great light, will definitely buy more

    posted byChips11 on 10/13/2011

    Great light. Suprisingly high build quality. Very solid little light. Bright light, but now blindingly bright...just about right! Not too many, but you do have to get a seperate driver and understand basic electronics to hook them up. The seperate... Read more

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  • Fantastic, well built light

    posted byChips11 on 10/26/2010

    Very solidly built flashlight. I've ordered quite a few lights from Deal Extreme over the years, and this one is by far the brightest and best quality. The brightness of this W5 rivals or is better than some of the larger $40 flashlights. Battery... Read more

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  • HDMI cable I use with my xbox 360

    posted byChips11 on 03/19/2010

    -A great price for a 1.5m HDMI cable -Plugs nicely and firmly into both my TV and xbox -Great picture & sound quality - a noticble improvement over the RGB cables that came with the xbox -Seems just as good as the $50 they sell at best buy. A... Read more

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  • A remote control that works!

    posted byChips11 on 03/19/2010

    Pros: -Came with a battery installed -Worked right out of the package. -I bought it to use with my D3000 and it works perfectly -Seems to be a nice wide IR beam (ie you don't have to aim directly at the camera) Cons Well if I had to find some I of... Read more

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  • I bought this for my Nikon D3000

    posted byChips11 on 03/19/2010

    Seems to be a very well built replacement battery for my Nikon D3000. Pros: -Arrived (mostly) precharged. Only took about 15 minutes in my Nikon charger to top it up -Holds charge for a long time -Exact dimensions as old nikon battery -Much than a... Read more

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  • Works great out of the package...

    posted byChips11 on 09/16/2008

    -Inexpensive -Seems like fairly high quality build -Nice weight and feel in your hands -nice jet flame -works right out of the box I've had great difficulty refililng it. I've used Ronson's Butane (the only one i can find here in Canada) and it to... Read more

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