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  • it simply works

    posted bysickmind on 08/18/2011

    I have bought at least four of five different cables for iPhone and this is the ONLY ONE actually working with my 3G and 3GS. I was getting "charging is not supported with this accessory" message with all of the others! No cons so far. I... Read more

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  • Product that simply works......

    posted bysickmind on 08/17/2011

    Excellent product. The battery works great. It last twice as much compared the my old original one! Actually I don't see any difference in battery life between this one and the original one when it was new! You can charge the battery and the phone... Read more

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  • Excellent product.

    posted bysickmind on 08/17/2011

    Excellent product. It doesn't 'swing' when mounted on the cars windshield (I own several other phone holders for a car and this is the most annoying issue). When I get it, the suction cup was defective - it had something like a scratch on it (but... Read more

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  • I don't regret buying it and actually it is quite

    posted bysickmind on 08/17/2011

    Very bright light! Funny looking. It is ideal for present (or for emergency light. I have one placed inside my car and actually used it few time for changing fuses for example!!!). The battery last for a long time which is great, especially when I... Read more

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  • recommended

    posted bysickmind on 06/25/2011

    Excellent price, very good quality, very light. It's a bit wider than the cards, bun few millimeters so not a big cons. Smells bad at the arrival but in a few days the smell fade away. I don't have to open and close it very often, but so fat it to... Read more

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  • good card

    posted bysickmind on 01/03/2011

    Here are the results of my Team Group 16gb class 10 card from DX: Warning: Only 15190 of 15191 MByte tested. Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files *.h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 16.1 MByte/s Reading speed: The... Read more

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  • fun product

    posted bysickmind on 12/01/2010

    It's very good looking and it seems to be rain proof! Very romantic light inside of a tent :P The light is not strong enough, you can't use it for reading. It could be a little bit cheaper. The baterries died after couple of months with unit off,... Read more

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  • useless gadget

    posted bysickmind on 11/23/2010

    not much, except for the vibration feature (because I don't like the sound it makes) check the cons..... Mine came without battery for the receiver. The range is extremely unstable. The sound is annoying. The light on the transmitter is annoying,... Read more

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  • exelent product

    posted bysickmind on 11/23/2010

    The price is about 50% less than the local hardware store. The IR LEDs doesn't glow red in the dark (most of the cameras from Deal Extreme especially those with powerful night vision glows red in the dark which I found for annoying, I want my to a... Read more

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  • good price

    posted bysickmind on 11/21/2010

    it's made of solid plastic and also it's very stable! I was afraid that my camera may fall when mounted in car, but everything is fine. non so far.... except for that you have to tight it well especially if it is mounted in a vehicle. I couldn't I... Read more

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