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  • Great light

    posted bycozzycovers on 09/02/2013

    -I was blown away by the quality of Cnlights bulb. It's just as good as any high grade German equipment. -There attention to detail is excellent. The plastic is high grade. There are no rough spots. -It feels like a Philips bulb. Very happy with a... Read more

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  • A great Deal

    posted bycozzycovers on 07/11/2013

    You can't beat the price quality ratio here. This is one of my best buys on the DX. It's made of good quality material. I don't see this breaking down over time. It helps wire management a lot. and for me I have lots of wire management issues! is... Read more

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  • cheap solid buy

    posted bycozzycovers on 06/14/2013

    Does the job. This cable is very Cheap. The plastic and rubber is durable. The Micro USB male component sticks out extra far so it can fit into hard to reach female sockets due to thick or oddly shaped phone cases. This has come in handy for me. a... Read more

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  • A good buy

    posted bycozzycovers on 06/07/2013

    For the price its a real deal. Its not made cheap by any means either, it does not feel cheap. It works well. Its easy to use and easy to read. The cons are negligible. Though I must say: It takes 5-10 seconds to give a good reading when the I it... Read more

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  • Good light I like it

    posted bycozzycovers on 01/02/2013

    Its very well built, you can tell its solid. The flashlight is quite compact. The cree diode is a beast and putts out a lot of light. It has a lot of different light modes. The crowning on the end of the flash light is suppose to be a weapon from... Read more

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  • Works well

    posted bycozzycovers on 11/20/2012

    Has every single a phone Adapter I have ever seen. It even has 3-4 Adapter I have never seen before. The build quality is good. This does its job. Still works well after 1+ years of use. The price is somewhat high but not too bad. I would have to... Read more

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  • Good Buy

    posted bycozzycovers on 11/20/2012

    This Lens is very Clear. It focuses LED lights well. The build quality is high. The Lens has a nice weight to it. It came in lens paper so the lens would not scratch. I could not rind any cons with this product. This Lens does not fit this but but... Read more

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  • Does the job

    posted bycozzycovers on 11/20/2012

    It's very Reflective. It's an interchangeable part, so you can use it on lots of lights. I got the Reflector in good condition. Its simple and does the job This reflector does not fit this 30w red LED perfectly but if you make some simply it will... Read more

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  • Great Light

    posted bycozzycovers on 11/20/2012

    This light is extremely bright. The build quality is solid. Wavelength most likely around 635. It's must be at least 2000lm (I'm sure its more). Though you have to take into account Lumen is not the right measurement for red light. None This works... Read more

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  • Amazing headphones

    posted bycozzycovers on 10/29/2012

    -11.5mm drivers -great bass, the best drivers I have seen for under $18 bucks - Great clarity you can hear the High notes very well. I'm always impressed with the Awei brand for the most part I would say these are there best headphones out right 1... Read more

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