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  • Good for computing, not for electronics

    posted byDoublehp on 01/28/2018

    This item works exactly as expected. When you are doing computing. But, I like to open these things and split them in two, and cut the wires in the middle for various DIY things; and this model has a hard design without wires. So, this is very if... Read more

    Impression: Useful;

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  • Medium quality smart watch

    posted byDoublehp on 11/22/2017

    For my first smart watch, I am impressed. It takes a micro(?) SIM card, and a micro SD. Can be used either as bluetooth speaker for a classic mobile phone (voice calls only) (keep your phone in the pocket all the time), or as an independant phone.... Read more

    Impression: good;

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  • Good QC2 Charger

    posted byDoublehp on 09/19/2017

    When it works, it works fine. My phone can sens the two kinds of port; one can deliver up to 12V with compatible QC2 phone. Other two port provide a different ways of offering high power (5V high current). Pros: QC2 Cons: will fail to touch the of... Read more

    Good QC2 Charger

    Impression: Nice small charger;

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  • This is just the best TTL serial adapter

    posted byDoublehp on 09/04/2017

    This item is at the same time the cheapest, and functionally the best USB-serial dongle. Amongst other problems, this item handles properly the very low baud rates and funny port settings, where other items have failed (two stop and other parity... Read more

    Impression: perfect;

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  • Very good phone for this price.

    posted byDoublehp on 09/04/2017

    After using the phone two months, most issues I have are software issues, related to Android 7. If we talk only about the hardware of phone, it's pretty good. Be carefull, it's a true 5.5" screen; the phone is very large and tall. The device is to... Read more

    Impression: Very good,Good for the price;

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  • Suffisant for occasional use

    posted byDoublehp on 05/23/2016

    IT's poor quality, but does the job. It's the classic minimal tester. Does USB and ethernet cables. Manual, and automatic modes. Battery is loose in the case, need to add some fitting paper to have it stable. Can test ethernet cables male to male;... Read more

    Impression: Cheap, but does the job;

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  • This is in fact a classic fixed voltage booster

    posted byDoublehp on 05/20/2016

    By default, it's set to 500mA charging. You need to add a drop of solder on the back to make it 800mA (did not measure to check). The KEY pads are there to solder an OFF switch for the booster, without disconnecting the charger; it's short by chip... Read more

    Impression: very easy of use...;

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  • Going to ask refund or resend

    posted byDoublehp on 01/22/2016

    Item is very small. I was looking for a small portable BT-FM adapter inc battery. Takes sound via BT as input. Outputs on both jack and FM. Requires mini USB cable to charge. FM frequencies are preset to 87.5, 90.0, 96.0, 102.0 and 108.0. Long to... Read more

    Impression: Poor quality;

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  • Better than DX says

    posted byDoublehp on 12/15/2015

    Item received is not item described here. I don't know if they wrote a bad description, or sent me wrong item. Item is labelled with correct SKU. It was shipped in a nice clear transparent box, with soft stuff and user notice. CON: Bad point is: 9... Read more

    Impression: Better than DX says;

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  • The first power module that can make my phone happy.

    posted byDoublehp on 11/20/2015

    I have tried a dozen of power adapters. This one is the first one really able to provide 1.5A and make my phone happy. You may need to solder data pins together in order to get a DCP.

    Impression: Best small USB charger for now.;

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