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  • What is this, clothing for ants?

    posted byandloin on 09/22/2015

    Pros: The initial impression was a bit cheap feel. But I guess that is to be expected of modern materials. Looks good though. Cons: The size is grossly misleading. I didn't really expect this to fit. But truth be told, this would have been a tight... Read more

    Impression: Way-to-small;

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  • beauty and extraordinary gear looks in this spring powered mechanical watch

    posted byandloin on 08/30/2015

    Pros: Initial looks hints at a timeless piece of timekeeping and also provide you with that clockwork gear-head impression. It's really a great tool but don't forget to rewind it regularly. Cons: Perhaps I struggle with remember winding, but find... Read more

    Impression: Watch without time,need rewinding lots,Looks very "timeless";

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  • Will put this to good use.

    posted byandloin on 06/10/2015

    Pros: This adhesive tape is made of Kapton which is a polyimide. It is transparent with a yellow hue. It has a very broad thermal range of −269 to +400 °C (−452 – 752 °F / 4 – 673 K) and the use spanns across several areas. It is mostly used for I... Read more

    Impression: insulation,Heat resistant;

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  • A premium product.

    posted byandloin on 06/09/2015

    Pros: This premium ESD-protective wrist-strap arrived with an elastic cable which has a banana-plug on one end and a snap-on button on the other. The button is connected to the strap which is elementary to adjust with just one hand. The strap has... Read more

    Impression: premium,ESD-protection;

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  • Finally I'm at peace!

    posted byandloin on 06/09/2015

    Pros: The subtle dull finish of this product becomes radiant and shimmering in light of grasping the simple and yet effective and thoughtful design behind it. As you are aware, the life of our hands and feet match that of our nails. Even if time a... Read more

    Impression: solid,Final solution,Ingrown nails;

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  • Not suitable for other uses than as a lighter.

    posted byandloin on 06/09/2015

    Pros: Good sized gas canister. Decent price for this quality, the extra nozzles don't add much benefits, it just looks cooler and uses more fuel. Cons: The gas regulator needs to be close to max for it to work which also affects the valve which is... Read more

    Impression: Flawed design,Poor gas flow regulator;

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  • What is the hex key for?

    posted byandloin on 06/09/2015

    Involvement: Inventor Pros: Can't mention any... yet. But the construction seems solid and reliable, as it should be. Cons: None at the time this was written. Other: The screws (depending on application) should be re-tightened after whatever you a... Read more

    Impression: Useful;

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  • Probably my worst purchase this far.

    posted byandloin on 06/05/2015

    Involvement: Professional Pros: It worked quite well after modding, for a few hours. Cons: The mount didn't fit standard canisters, had to mod this to fit, then I also had to mod it further to make sure it was securely fastened to the stuck to it.... Read more

    Impression: Poor quality,Needs mod to fit canister;

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  • Been looking for this product.

    posted byandloin on 05/27/2015

    Involvement: Musician Pros: It's made out of metal and the top part has a nonslip rubber surface, it's also foldable and becomes about as thin as two smartphones stacked upon each other, so it fits in the note compartment of your guitar case, if a... Read more

    Impression: excellent,solid,Good Investment;

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  • Premium quality.

    posted byandloin on 05/27/2015

    Involvement: Musician Pros: This saxophone strap is well made and feels really robust, the carabiner which is clipped onto the instrument has a threaded latch which gives a very secure lock and there is little risk of it getting lose on its own. a... Read more

    Impression: Well made,Premium product,Easily adjustable;

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