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  • Best bang for your buck gaming mouse pad. Better than most at this price!

    posted byJmjam on 07/04/2015

    Pros: -Massive mouse pad compared to other "gaming" mouse pads out there for a much cheaper price - works with both laser and optical mice (tested with naos 7000 and steelseries sensei) - tracking is good Cons: the design on the mouse pad is a be... Read more

    Best bang for your buck gaming mouse pad. Better than most at this price!

    Impression: good,nice,budget;

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  • Great protector for your moto 360!

    posted byJmjam on 03/27/2015

    Pros: Putting it on was quite easy. I used the water method and it worked perfectly with no dust between the watch and the glass. The screen is just as clear with the tempered glass on compared to with it off. The packaging it comes in is packed a... Read more

    Great protector for your moto 360!

    Impression: screen protector,Smartwatch,Moto 360;

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  • Awesome Gift

    posted byJmjam on 08/10/2013

    - feels and looks like the real thing - resealable lid for easy travelling - comes in a nice package which is a plus for gift giving - stainless steel helps to keep the heat in as well as make it easier to clean - the switches don't function and I... Read more

    Canon Lens Mug Overview

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  • Cheap HDMI converter solution

    posted byJmjam on 08/09/2013

    - outputs great picture and sound at full 1080p displays - small cable easy to carry around with a laptop if you so choose - comes with a dust protector on the minidisplayport connector and the whole cable is sealed in a nice plastic bag - No Both... Read more

    Mini Displayport to HDMI overview

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  • Perfect To light up your computer case

    posted byJmjam on 07/27/2013

    - Bright Blue LEDs light up the case nicely - Braided Molex Connector - flexible - Molex Connector can be daisy chained with other molex powered devices - 3m sticky tape on the back to allow the strip to be attached anywhere in your case - If was... Read more

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  • The best microphone for cheap

    posted byJmjam on 07/26/2013

    - audio quality is great - can pick up only your voice when clipped onto your shirt/headphones. So no ambient noise should be picked up by the microphone - cable length is quite long as well. - Works really well in pair with high quality to turn a... Read more

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  • Great extension and fast transfers

    posted byJmjam on 02/22/2013

    - Blue coated to distinguish between USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 - Data transfers are still fast using this extender - can also be used with usb 2.0 devices (for anyone who didn't already know) - You can use this anywhere where an extension of usb 3.0 is... Read more

    USB 3.0 extension cable overview

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  • Very useful for multimedia setups

    posted byJmjam on 02/22/2013

    - easily hooks up to any home theatre and media center setup - the led indicates which hdmi input it's on - very easy to use and labeled clearly as well - came with no remote although the description says it did - No instructions although it's to... Read more

    HDMI Switch Overview

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  • Works quite well

    posted byJmjam on 02/22/2013

    - Nice overall design - Blue leds look great around the dials. Matches the blue colour scheme of my case - reduces the noise my fans make whjen they are run at full speed. - The build quality could be a bit better given it's price - it's almost it... Read more

    Fan controller overview

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  • Does what it should

    posted byJmjam on 02/15/2013

    - fits great on any 120mm I put on it - easy to fit into a case with the fan - blue fits the colour scheme of my pc - Works well and reduces vibration - maybe be a little too easy to manipulate (too soft) - The price may be a tad too high for just... Read more

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