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  • When charging from micro-usb not output power.

    posted byltomsik on 05/12/2015

    Pros: Nice made, good price. Cons: The PCB has two modes, IN(charging the battery) and OUT (power on output connectors, battery discharging). But it can not run both modes together. I planed using it as power supply for raspberry-pi, but it's for... Read more

    Impression: No output while charging;

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  • Cooling is really vital

    posted byltomsik on 05/12/2015

    Note: I've glued it with thermal grace to the frying pan (just for test), since I was still waiting for proper cooler and it got hot even on 50W so fast, that I've fried about 1/3 of the LEDs on the chip. Cons: I'm missing suitable DC-DC converter... Read more

    Impression: Great price;

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  • Good camera for diving

    posted byltomsik on 05/12/2015

    Pros: The camera is stated to withstand 30m water. Well I took it to 45m and all went fine. The buttons were working and I could not see any visible deformation of the casing. Const: Battery live is just about one hour. I'm using is as diving so... Read more

    Impression: exelente ;

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  • I broke it?

    posted byltomsik on 05/02/2015

    It's nice peace of HW but without any documentation it's hard to guess what those 3 potentiometers are for. At first the LED was green, then under load red (current overload??) but the voltage remain the same like in input. After turning the trim... Read more

    Impression: not working or too compicated;

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  • good speaker for solid price

    posted byltomsik on 01/29/2014

    It works as expected. I have even more android devices paired with this speaker and on has it's Bluetooth off the second is connecting without new pairing. Even the FM radio work fine without external antenna. Sound quality is acceptable and that... Read more

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  • good choice for 12V printing

    posted byltomsik on 12/17/2013

    Easily available, not complicated and precisely manufactured heated bed for reprap. The inner resistance is 1.2V thus output about 140W on 13V ATX power suply. According the description it is 24V compatible but the soldering pads are just vort I... Read more

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  • does not fit to socket

    posted byltomsik on 01/11/2013

    Cheap and high current power source suited for fast charging and powering other not so voltage sensitive applications. The Power charging adapter do not fit into our (Czech Republic) power sockets with neutral pin. One has to use adapter without... Read more

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  • must have

    posted byltomsik on 01/11/2013

    Whole spectrum of smd 0808 capacitors you may need, so you don't have to unsolder them from scrap PCB at your workshop or go for one capacitor to the far located hobbyist store when you are repairing something small or making DIY project with from... Read more

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  • good choice

    posted byltomsik on 11/30/2012

    Simple breadboard with HMC5883L compass, which is accessible using I2C and can manage 5V on I2C buss. Breadboard has 5V -> 3.3V regulator so no external component is required. HMC5883L is well supported by Arduino libraries but it's no problem... Read more

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  • perfect

    posted byltomsik on 11/19/2012

    Cheap an working. It's exactly the same device like in expensive fancy designed humidifiers sold in local shops. It has water level sensor, so you can let it running during the night and switch itself automatically of when the water level is low.... Read more

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