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  • Massive counstrucion, good quality, nice design, little complicating bluetooth comm.

    posted byfeltech28 on 08/09/2018

    Watches are massive, especially for men, strap is soft, long with more holes for any hand. Neg : Bluetooth sometimes freezes, if I need to connect BT headphones (f.e.SKU453039), with connected phone (my CAT S60). Also menu for SIM card is weak and... Read more

    Impression: Very good,Useful, nice, robust design;

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  • nice, good price, with some deficiencies

    posted byfeltech28 on 08/09/2018

    Balls are nice, but they are not fixed with glue. Comes in transparent package separately of LEDs. If you need to put it to LED and hang to tree, or on the terrace, bowls drops down out of LEDs. I have all fixed with hot glue gun. Posit : Good use... Read more

    Impression: nice, but with some deficiencies;

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  • Useful product, nice look and functions

    posted byfeltech28 on 06/24/2018

    This product has nice, friendly look. Practical cable connection, accurate to car socket distance from it. Very practical is USB charger for 2 ports. Simple setting and using of it bring it to top products in their price category.

    Impression: Nice look, practical cable connection, USB charger;

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  • longlassting battery for GS80 Panasonic

    posted byfeltech28 on 06/09/2018

    I have used it for my camcorder NV-GS80. Has a good longlasting time. Package fits best as original in camcorder. At this moment in our country have a same product with same price (around 13€). Will be better if DX could fall the price down.

    Impression: nice package,good electrical properties;

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  • very good sound, nice body of light, strong white light as main

    posted byfeltech28 on 06/09/2018

    Product has a good quality, loud sound according to electrical possibilities inside, nice white light strong as a main lightening. Problem is only with remote control, that must uses side angle to remote it.

    Impression: Good product, good sound, strong white light;

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  • nice product, but too much requirements to install

    posted byfeltech28 on 02/19/2018

    Watches are sympatic, nice, good piece of electronics. Battery charging takes only part of hour and her life is so long to fully charge out. The is a problem with paring in phones, because watches have a most requirements. You must have a BT 4.0 5... Read more

    Impression: Usefull, but connection possibility problem;

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  • useful, super bright, smart

    posted byfeltech28 on 02/09/2018

    Technically good product at this price. Nice package of product, succesful registrated in SW and in home network. Checked in application Escam in Android phones, but this app has a problem to read it, probably problem is in application, because it... Read more

    Impression: Good product;

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  • useful, really good distance from remote keychain

    posted byfeltech28 on 12/15/2017

    I have used it on my project Gate opener for 2 wings gate. Really good application, produced very well. Distance of remote keychain is good, about 20-30meters. But there is a problem to add next keychains, because I could not found any next on DX.... Read more

    Impression: Very good product;

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  • great product, nice bass and dynamics in sound, excellent battery duration

    posted byfeltech28 on 12/15/2017

    I have used it on Microsoft mobile (Lumia 650) and works very well. I recomend it also by sound dynamics, and good volume aplicated on it. Battery really works well for 4-5hours. I would like to inform producers, that On/Off system implemented is... Read more

    Impression: excellent,Really Great, useful also for Microsoft phone;

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  • super bright product according with original BAY15D lamp

    posted byfeltech28 on 04/15/2014

    Product is a good quality, each lamp is packed in quick selflocking bag (like Microsnap). Luminous of this light is really bright and comparable with original lamp BAY15D. Sizes of the product correspod with original and can be used as break on on... Read more

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