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  • great for extra gadgets

    posted bych35c0 on 07/28/2015

    Bought it because I needed extra space to put both of my lights. Works as expected, the bar is a little short but I knew it beforehand. Works great with them, The only con would be that it's not so ease to put and take off the extenders (sometimes... Read more

    Impression: Useful,Lightweight;

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  • quite good for its price

    posted bych35c0 on 05/05/2015

    Although it is well made I think it's a bit tight for an iphone 4s even more with a slim case on it. The slide on the back remains opened. I should have ordered the iphone6 sized one. The armband, despite getting properly fixed, is a little small... Read more

    Impression: Quite good;

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  • a great bike light

    posted bych35c0 on 04/19/2015

    I bought it because of its tightening method: all in metal, because the other one I have with the silicone rubber sometimes moves when on bumpy roads. This one is fantastic. the only cons I can think of would be that there's no quick way to turn a... Read more

    Impression: Bright,good looking;

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  • a must have for off-shoe flash

    posted bych35c0 on 02/05/2015

    It works great with my metz 58af-1 and with studio strobes (cable needed). No problems with neither mode (ETTL, M, A, Strobe...) Going to buy another pair soon to use it with more flashes

    Impression: Very good,must have;

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  • really good despite being 7 inches

    posted bych35c0 on 12/02/2014

    it works really well. it's sturdy and you can use it on the camera hotshoe or with a clamp or any other 1/4" screw you can think of. it's small, in fact it isn't 11" as the product's name says but more like 7" as the description's dimensions say.... Read more

    Impression: versatile,Stable;

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  • they're simply great

    posted bych35c0 on 06/30/2014

    I've been using these for a year and a half with the batteries included and they still work as bright as before. they're really easy to put and take off. the switch is really easy to use (I use them always on, not blinking, so it takes a little to... Read more

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  • a good and low cost sports camera

    posted bych35c0 on 05/03/2014

    Good quality for videos (not so much for pics); but don't think of using the digital zoom due to lack of quality. Really good even in low light (but noise is quite visible) and when you change from dark to light, and its HDR mode works even came I... Read more

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  • a great clamp for almost any kind of camera

    posted bych35c0 on 04/23/2014

    It is a really sturdy clamp that can handle almost any kind of camera in lots of positions. Once you tighten it it's really difficult for it to turn around in the handlebar or any other place you put it. The rotationary part that goes between the... Read more

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  • 2-in-1 capacitive stylus

    posted bych35c0 on 03/09/2014

    It's got the perfect size for me. By having two diferent heads, you can use whichever you think is what you need. The "writing" head is quite hard and is good for precision, while the "eraser" is soft and goes well for fast is... Read more

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  • a great softbox

    posted bych35c0 on 03/09/2014

    It's a great rectangular softbox with a really good size. The diffusing cloth works great and it also works as a reflective umbrella. The frame seems quite strong. Some sewings were not really done, but they were a few only. The bag was glued to a... Read more

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