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  • Best router for this money!

    posted byfunfair on 09/25/2014

    This is my latest acquisition. The Xiaomi AC Wifi Router. Currently on sale for about 52 dollars (discount) at dx.com. I had no charges for customs. After 7 days, it was sent and after 11 days I received the package. The packaging could have been... Read more

    Impression: wow!;

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  • Best short USB cable availabe!

    posted byfunfair on 09/24/2014

    I was looking for a good USB cable that is not that long. I found one on Dealextreme, but was dissapointed of the maximum charge it would hold, only 300 milliamps. This cable however will do 1,4 Amps with my original Samsung 2A charger. That is a... Read more

    Impression: Really good!;

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  • Great for parties!

    posted byfunfair on 09/19/2014

    Pros: Fairly cheap balloons with LED light They try to sell these exact balloons in the Netherlands for €5!!! The light lasts for at least a whole evening. So enjoy it for the whole night. I've used these for a new-years-eve party and they lasted!... Read more

    Impression: Really fun;

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  • Bluetooth 2.0 for a low price

    posted byfunfair on 09/16/2014

    Pros: Works great, no drivers needed. Tested on Windows 8.1. Android Phone finds the computer perfectly Bluetooth gamecontroller can connect to the computer! Instead of an annoying blue LED light, this one has a soft red LED. Not so annoying in it... Read more

    Impression: Works Great!;

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  • Looks great, but mine was broken

    posted byfunfair on 09/16/2014

    Pros: It really measures your heart rate without a strap. I've tested it in the gym and it is about as accurate as the measurement of the crosstrainer. It fits wrist very well, but it's too wide for a normal girls wrist. Cons: With the screen on,... Read more

    Impression: Looks great,Came in broken;

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  • Works great, but don't expect mucht from the case

    posted byfunfair on 09/16/2014

    Pros: 150mm long! Extra battery included in case it runs out. Comes on automatically when you slide it, so you don't need to on it first. It has very easy settings. You only need 3 buttons to calibrate, to on/off it and to change dimensions from 3... Read more

    Impression: Great value;

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  • Good batteries

    posted byfunfair on 09/07/2014

    Pros: Cheap, much cheaper than IKEA button cells! Hold more charge than IKEA button cells! I've used these for a long time in my scales. They are holding up for a year now! Cons: Packaging per battery could be better? Though I cut them before the... Read more

    Good batteries

    Impression: Great price;

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  • Just works!

    posted byfunfair on 09/07/2014

    Very usefull for checking which cable is good and which is bad. I always wondered why my car charger wasn't working properly, though it can charge with 600 mA, the cable I used only charged it with 300 mA, so my phone used to be draining during of... Read more

    Just works!

    Impression: excellent;

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  • Really nice!

    posted byfunfair on 09/07/2014

    Pros: Looks awesome! Really blocks the sun, great for on the beach. Material finish is exquisit Included case is high quality aswell Cons: Maybe it blocks the sun too much. Inside the house it's too dark to wear. Wouldn't use it while driving, but... Read more

    Really nice!

    Impression: Stylish,Beautiful!;

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  • a nice gift

    posted byfunfair on 08/19/2014

    Bought these for a friend who's a student. Very usefull for marking pages that are important and fun to look at. The black one is not that usefull, as you can't write on it. Well you can, but you can't read it afterwards. Considdering to buy more... Read more

    Impression: Funny;

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