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  • My impression of Clint Eastwood

    posted bygasbag11 on 02/17/2018

    It probably would have been one of the greatest quadcopters that DX ever sold, but it never arrived.

    Impression: Feel lucky punk?;

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  • Handy little keychain light.

    posted bygasbag11 on 02/05/2018

    Very well made and feels solid. No flaws/blemishes anywhere. Comes with a short USB cable. From off, a quick click gives low mode, another for mid, another gives high, and a 4th turns off the main LED and turns on the 2 red LEDs. Press and hold a... Read more

    Impression: nice;

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  • Very nice little knife.

    posted bygasbag11 on 01/11/2018

    Got it today and it's much better than I thought it would be. Especially for the price. It's actually pretty well made. The scales appear to be some type of wood, and are well fitted to the frame. The liner lock locks well yet opens easily. There... Read more

    Impression: better than expected;

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  • Manker U11 cool white version only

    posted bygasbag11 on 01/16/2017

    This is for the Manker U11 cool white version only. It's an extremely nice flashlight with a quality build and great fit and finish. It has far too many features to list here so I've posted a product forum (titled "Nice") that you can see by down... Read more

    Impression: Nice little light;

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  • Sorta nice Convoy L4

    posted bygasbag11 on 01/15/2017

    Very well made, fit and finish are excellent. O-rings (everywhere) are lubed as are the threads. Very bright cool white tint but not bluish at all. Tailcap switch for on/off, side switch changes modes which start on high and go down. Double click... Read more

    Impression: slightly disappointed;

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  • Acceptable for the price

    posted bygasbag11 on 10/14/2016

    Not high quality, but the price should be a hint about that. There's a male USB plug to charge it that slides out of the bottom when you push down on the small white switch on the side. A small blue LED will glow steadily while it charges, then go... Read more

    Impression: Cheap enough;

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  • Cheap storage box

    posted bygasbag11 on 10/13/2016

    This case does not rate 4 stars, but my 2 star review wasn't approved so I just copied/pasted the same review again. It only deserves 2 stars. I have several of these style cases including a larger Singfire case. This one was the lowest quality of... Read more

    Impression: Flimsy;

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  • Cheap price, cheap light.

    posted bygasbag11 on 10/12/2016

    When it arrived something inside was rattling. It was the driver which popped out of the pill. Pushed it back in and it works. The pill also required tightening. Fit and finish leave a little to be desired. there are sharp edges on the tailcap and... Read more

    Impression: So so.;

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  • A flashlight for showing off.

    posted bygasbag11 on 09/29/2016

    It's insanely bright for something so small. Much more of a flooder than a thrower, but will still throw some light out to 75~80 meters or so just from sheer brightness. Very wide spill beam. Not a whole lot dimmer than my sku.120679 Fandyfire and... Read more

    Impression: Awesome little light.;

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  • They're little

    posted bygasbag11 on 08/07/2016

    How much can one say about magnets? They stick to stuff. They're little They have little holes in them. They appear slightly thicker than 1mm though. Bought them to use on the pos. end of batteries if they are a little too short to make contact in... Read more

    Impression: They stick to stuff.;

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