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  • Nice rca males

    posted byyishayco on 08/15/2017

    Very wasy to use, actually 20 pieces in pack, screw design and solderble parts. Like this product a lot. Very usefull in DIY projects.

    Impression: Easy,White,modular;

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  • Cheap Water humidifier

    posted byyishayco on 08/10/2017

    Can put it on any bottle or water source. Works seamlessly, very good. Very well made box with pictures and an extra filter. Makes a quaiet "ssss" while working, no biggy. The only con is that it has a 3h showtdown, so you must power it agin after... Read more

    Impression: Quality,White,Nice packing;

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  • Very fun part

    posted byyishayco on 08/09/2017

    Can actually burn stuff if pointed in the right angle. I dont use it with the printer, just connect to 5v 1a via usb, and start burning stuff. Works on nylon, wood, plastic, fabrik and move. This is a very powerfull laser, 1000mw (1w) for half the... Read more

    Impression: good,Small,lasser;

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  • Nice converter

    posted byyishayco on 08/07/2017

    Can extend micro usb cables, make all kineds of usb converters, very usefull. Has a strong grip on connectors. Massive plastic build.

    Impression: good,perfect,black;

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  • Dual sided micro usb

    posted byyishayco on 08/06/2017

    Both sides are dual-sided, A and micro. Long enoght. Connection isnt the strongest, but suits my need. Charging speed is OK. overall a good product for good price.

    Impression: works,soft,Dual sided;

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  • Tempmetter

    posted byyishayco on 07/21/2017

    Small, black, a bit fat but generally good size... 2 lr44 batteries Measurement cable with metal tip Good price

    Impression: Very good,nice,black;

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  • Inverter up to 1000w

    posted byyishayco on 07/19/2017

    High build quality, all metal but very light. I connect it to 12v batteries directly to use in complete mobile mode (not to a car battery). Watch that this inverter can take only 10-15v input current, not even 0.2 higher. Havent tried at full i im... Read more

    Impression: Regular,Jussier Oliveira,500w-1000w;

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  • Nice panel

    posted byyishayco on 07/19/2017

    Easaly solder battery on - and + on board to get a power bank. I have measured 0.47A output, less than claimed but not to bad. For small appliences it will do. Its slim for the type, and surtenly could be cheaper - i think its worth 10ILS.

    Impression: Slim,Green,Lithium module;

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  • Nice power module

    posted byyishayco on 07/13/2017

    Does all DC power convertion within 28v... Good quality, comes with 4 holding screws for DIY ONLY 5a, not much but ok Could be cheaper

    Impression: Small,blue,Nice pcb;

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  • Seems good invertor

    posted byyishayco on 06/05/2017

    Fine build quality, but it takes 12v only, no more. Have not checked it in full 150w load, but i think it will work. It has a little cute fan inside that turns on in any load. Overall fine little thing.

    Impression: good,Useful,Small;

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