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  • s'ok

    posted byFlav_3 on 04/16/2013

    A ok flashlight for an ok price. Stupid bright for a palm sized light. Accepts many 18650 sizes (fat/long/protected/unprotected/button top or flat). Defn a plus in that category. Easy to switch modes, just double tap the reverse clickie switch. as... Read more

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  • Good thermal glue

    posted byFlav_3 on 02/26/2013

    Pure white, sticks well. The thinner the layer, the faster the set time. Greatly improves thermal path Good for potting electronics since it does not conduct electricity. Does not run like some of the other cheaper silicone glues. Comes with As if... Read more

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  • DX is sending the wrong ones

    posted byFlav_3 on 01/14/2013

    This will be a review for the 700mA board since that is what dx sent out. It is essentially the same product but with one chip difference. Quiet, constant and easy to solder to. Will run an array of emitters. Does not get too hot. I got the ones I... Read more

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  • Ehh...

    posted byFlav_3 on 01/14/2013

    The price is about the only good thing here. Also the protection helps with the ease of mind, although I'm not sure how well it works since I didn't test its parameters. The deceiving title of 1200mA DX changed its description after I purchased to... Read more

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  • Monster thrower

    posted byFlav_3 on 01/14/2013

    Throw, and Tons of it. I'm only using this reflector with an xml(an over driven one) but it has more throw than any HID I've ever seen. I can only imagine what it does with a dedomed one. I have lots of land around the house and at 500 ft this up... Read more

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  • Cheap

    posted byFlav_3 on 01/14/2013

    Cheap in both sens of the word. I've used one syringe a few times already and still haven't emptied it. As far as how well the thermal transfer is, no clue since I have no way to test it. Not runny nor too thick for use under led stars, pc etc. so... Read more

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  • Works well with XML also

    posted byFlav_3 on 11/08/2012

    this is the OP(orange peel) style, which means more spill and less throw, but trust me when I say that this throws WELL. and gives a very good amount of side spill for when needed up close. With a well driven and well sinked XML, light can reach a... Read more

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  • thumbs up

    posted byFlav_3 on 10/21/2012

    Another satisfied customer of this product. I'm using it with an 18650 Cell to power an xml led in a p60 reflector ( sku5937). Fits perfectly in the pill and very easy to solder. Does not heat up almost at all after long use and produces no noise.... Read more

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  • why not less for a bit lower price.

    posted byFlav_3 on 10/21/2012

    I honestly only needed one of these but the price is pretty good so I went ahead and ordered these anyway. Not too thick so it won't gap the bezel from the rest of the head. Nice and clean and came scratch free despite the poor packing . Will have... Read more

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  • so so with xml

    posted byFlav_3 on 10/21/2012

    Decent reflector for the price. Came with no scratches or major defects. Will fit an array of lights and/or projects. Considering purchasing more, however DX should include the spring if pictured, mine also did not come with one. NO hotspot(very a... Read more

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