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  • This is the single cell XML driver you are looking for.

    posted bydesolder on 03/07/2016

    Need a 17mm driver for your single cell XML flashlight? This is the one you want. It uses eight of the highly regarded AMC7135 chips. This means you get a stable 2.8A output that doesn't dim as the cell voltage drops. It also provides thermal so a... Read more

    Impression: Reliable,Powerful;

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  • Robust, illuminated switch

    posted bydesolder on 03/02/2016

    I really have nothing bad to say about this switch. I used it for switching 120VAC in the USA. It does the job just fine. I haven't tested it all the way up to 20A, but it appears it can handle it based on how solid the switch feels. To turn on to... Read more

    Impression: Strong;

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  • Works good. Uses yellow light, not green light.

    posted bydesolder on 03/02/2016

    I'm using this with 120VAC. It switches loads just fine. I haven't really tested it with any heavy loads, but don't have any doubts it can handle it. The brass colored lug needs to be connected to neutral in order for the light to turn on. The hot... Read more

    Impression: solid;

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  • It just works.

    posted bydesolder on 03/01/2016

    What more can you say about a small headset adapter? I use this to adapt my high quality Plantronics computer headset to my cell phones. I tested it with an iPhone 6 and a Samsung Galaxy S4. It should work with any CTIA format jack, which is all I... Read more

    Impression: Very usefull;

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  • Came with V2.1 firmware. Works with Toyota. Does not work with Nissan or GM

    posted bydesolder on 03/01/2016

    I bought this because it has a power button, so I can turn it off to minimize battery drain. It works great with Toyota cars. You can read and delete the Check Engine light and read the various dynamic parameters like RPM, MPG, O2 voltage, fuel I... Read more

    Impression: Small;

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  • Works with 2007 Nissan Xterra and 2001 Chevy Suburban.

    posted bydesolder on 03/01/2016

    Specifically sought out this older version (V1.5a) after making the mistake of buying the newer V2.1 version. The newer versions are having all sorts of problems. Do a search on V2.1 OBD2 adapter and you'll find out what's wrong. I wasn't able to... Read more

    Impression: Useful,Small;

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  • This it the OBD2 adapter to get for iPhones

    posted bydesolder on 03/01/2016

    Having problems getting those Bluetooth OBD2 adapters to work with your iPhone? Don't blame the Bluetooth adapter. Apple specifically didn't add compatibility for these adapters. You have to either jailbreak your phone, switch to an Android phone,... Read more

    Impression: Useful,Easy,Small;

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  • Versatile pump does both air and water. Handles saltwater without corroding.

    posted bydesolder on 02/02/2016

    I use this to pump both air and water. I'll use it to pump water into my bait bucket. Then when the bucket is full, I'll attach an air stone to aerate the water in the bucket. This is using saltwater, mind you, so water tightness is important. If... Read more

    Impression: Powerful;

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  • Works for 4x18560 bike light batteries.

    posted bydesolder on 02/01/2016

    The title states it's for 3x18650 batteries, but I tested it and confirmed it works just as well for 4x18650 batteries. This is perfect for building or repairing those 4x18650 bike light batteries. It appears to be the exact same heat shrink wrap... Read more

    Impression: Useful;

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  • Got it working with Iphone 6, Ipad Mini 4, and Samsung Galaxy S2

    posted bydesolder on 01/13/2016

    Pros: It's compatible with a broad range of phones and tables. I tested it with my iPhone 6, Ipad Mini 4, and Samsung Galaxy S2. It supports Airplay, DLNA, and Miracast, so just about any recent phone and laptop should work. I confirmed it works a... Read more

    Impression: cool;

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