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  • LCD Display

    posted byecqu000 on 05/14/2013

    Low cost. White backlight. Supports custom characters. Well packaged. Pretty decent and even backlight. Bad contrast. Slow update rate. Small viewing angle. Does not come with headers, get them from dx for dirt cheap price. Device works exactly as... Read more

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  • Laser level

    posted byecqu000 on 03/12/2013

    Accurate, compares well versus other, much more expensive levels. Laser is fit well, and is in level, also visible in daylight. Cheap and toy like look. Ugly big text. Dodgy switching between cross and line, but good between the dot. I have never... Read more

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  • Cable Strpper

    posted byecqu000 on 09/16/2012

    This is a very good quality tool, i don't see difference between much expensive ones sold locally. Handle are fit tight, wont come off easily. Cutting edges are sharp. No markings on insulation (eg. max 1000V, no one really tests these ..) Other I... Read more

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  • Caliper

    posted byecqu000 on 09/15/2012

    It's accurate, it's well built. Came with spare battery and one installed. Overall very good tool. Box is hard plastic, no foamy stuff inside so i added one myself. Screw on top to lock caliper doesn't work well, needs a lot of force to lock it i... Read more

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  • Ultrasonic measure

    posted byecqu000 on 09/15/2012

    This device is surprisingly accurate. You can constantly measure, update speed is quite good. You can easily calculate area/volume, also you can add, subtract and store measurements. Auto turn-off, same for laser pointer it has.0,5 - 10m easily is... Read more

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  • NRF24L01+

    posted byecqu000 on 09/14/2012

    Same design as suggested in chips datasheet, therefor working very well. Indoors range is around 10m as previous reviewer said, and outdoors range is over 50m, (that's how far i tested it only..) Board is really small 32x13mm. There are ready made... Read more

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  • Little piggy

    posted byecqu000 on 09/11/2012

    + Its a pig. + Looks cute. + Leds are brighter than expected. + It's actually useful as a flashlight. - Came with depleted batteries, which were leaking some goo. - Led legs inside had shorted out the batteries. - Switch did not work properly the... Read more

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  • UT204A

    posted byecqu000 on 09/11/2012

    + Can measure DC current with a clamp, although not most precisely. + It's relatively well built and feels sturdy in hand, but rather lightweight. + Rotary switch and clamp move smoothly and are well built. - Probe wires feel cheap. - Thermal even... Read more

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  • Review

    posted byecqu000 on 09/15/2010

    + Fits very well on both ends (square and round) +Does what it has to +Very good build quality +Very tight fit on square end -Its so small that i loose it all the time:) -A bit small for C and F type sockets For that price its very good deal You i... Read more

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  • XQ071 Review

    posted byecqu000 on 09/15/2010

    +Battery lasts quite a bit, didn't expect that :D +Battery charges in about 1,5 hour, didn't expect that :) +Its pretty well built +Range is more than 10M +It goes pretty fast +Goes sideways on asphalt if you want to +It can drive in straight line... Read more

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