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  • Item as discribed. Despite I have not tested a lot, it seems a good purchase.

    posted by9322864 on 01/03/2017

    I ordered the item in early November and I received it in the first days of January ( almost 2 months ). The package was in not a good condition, but the item seemed ok despite the presence of 2 tiny plastic parts drooped down from inside the the... Read more

    Impression: good,Cheap and good;

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  • A reliable smartphone, features as described

    posted by9322864 on 09/28/2016

    One of my best purchases ! The features are as described.. Cheap smartphones usualy have low performance cameras, but the pictures taken by this one look good enough. GPS is also sensible enough comparing to other mobiles with similar price. It's... Read more

    Impression: Beautiful,Excellent Quality/Price value;

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  • I re-ordered this item after a long time use of my previous one

    posted by9322864 on 07/30/2016

    I purchased the same item one year or more ago and the 2 measurements temperature and humidity seemed ever reliable.. After a long time of use the humidity sensor stopped to work and I decided to order a new one, because it's very low price

    Impression: good;

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  • Just a toy, photos and videos totaly unfocused

    posted by9322864 on 06/01/2016

    If you want to purchase it for use it as a flight controlling toy ok, but a) go somewhere with grass, because in other places doesn't seem to survive... b) choose a much cheaper item which is cameraless.... Concerning the quality of the images and... Read more

    Just a toy, photos and videos totaly unfocused

    Impression: The worst purchase in the last 3 years;

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  • A good tool to convert old vhs videos to digital

    posted by9322864 on 01/10/2016

    It was a bit confusing to find some adapters, because my old VHS video device had a scart output and therefore I ordered the revalent adapter. Anyway I managed to record some videos from 20 years before. Of course the quality seems much inferior,... Read more

    Impression: Does what it should;

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  • Excellent battery, low price

    posted by9322864 on 10/26/2015

    I purchased the Mlais M52 Red note smart phone a few months ago which was a perfect one and I searched for an extra battery. The battery works perfectly and its cheap enough.

    Impression: excellent;

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  • The lens is good for its value

    posted by9322864 on 10/26/2015

    Purchased because it seemed too cheap. There was a problem for adapting the base to the phone and the lens to the camera. The images are good but circular and they need to be croped for being rectangular. So a part of the image is missing. So it's... Read more

    Impression: Not easy to use, good lens for its value;

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  • Very good quality for a tablet with such a good price and very good features

    posted by9322864 on 09/10/2015

    I received the tablet yesterday and it seems that works fine. It was a bit confusing to find out how I can go back to the previous step, but I finally managed to find it. It's totally different comparing to any other android device I have. There a... Read more

    Impression: Value for money;

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  • Value for money

    posted by9322864 on 08/19/2015

    I received the item some hours before and I managed to have a test for it. Although it was during the sunset with a low level of light the results were too good. It's a very good toy for its value. I have to check some controls, like the tv system.

    Impression: Very good;

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  • Excellent quality and price

    posted by9322864 on 07/21/2015

    The item is as good as described. A brand name mini Usb Flash drive in a very low price. I tested it and looks reliable and works perfectly for music in my car's player. Excellent purchase !

    Impression: Satisfied,Excellent quality and price;

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