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DX's main bugs (eg the Stupid New Forum Interface)

  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 5:56 AM Reply

    These are the main bugs with the DX site. They should be top priority for DX to fix, but some of them have existed for years.

    1. FIXED. Customers get logged out after 24 hours (or less!). If logging in in the right place it's possible to extend that to a week, but it will still happen, even in the middle of writing a post or placing an order. Crazy! Why do we get logged out at all? We used to stay logged in (except apparently when a software update occurred). This bug has been mentioned enough times that DX really does know about it. http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1428974. People were complaining about random logouts in August 2014, and it was "fixed" by DX so it happened every day. It took another fix to get the option to stay logged in for one week.

    2. The Stupid New Forum Interface. I cannot list all the things that are wrong with it, both bugs and breaking functionality. The disabling of browser spell checking is one of the most annoying problems, along with the lack of control over how things are formatted - the way this numbered list fails is one example (only item 1 is in a "real" list). More on the Stupid New Forum Interface in the next post.

    3. Old system orders stop in 2011. New system orders start in 2013.

    4. FIXED. They are now listed with the date each thread was started, the number of replies, and the number of views (but not and the date of the most recent post). On product pages all forum threads have today's date on them, not the date they were last posted in.

    5. The navigation bar near the top of each page doesn't display correctly for some people. It's caused by a 2 pixel spacing inserted between each button. Stupid bug, easy to fix, ignored by DX. It has a bug report thread:
    . <-- Another bug with the Stupid New Forum Interface. A line feed was inserted when I entered a full stop immediately after the link.

    6. The message "You need to activate your account first" when trying to post. No, I don't. Really.

    7. When we get an Error 500 the picture at the top says "BETA". I mentioned that to DX years ago. http://img.dxcdn.com/Pattaya/publicImg/logo.png

    8. Reviews vanish. If the link at the top of the page says there are reviews (eg, 11 reviews) there may be no visible reviews lower down the page. Sometimes clicking on a "read more" on a review causes "null" to be displayed instead of the full review.

    9. MVP products incorrectly say "Shipping: Free Shipping in 24Hrs to {country}". http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1449554?page=2#1450076.

    10. FIXED (probably). Words in product titles, specification subheadings, and even the descriptions themselves are split onto two lines instead of the whole word being wrapped onto the next line. This very visible problem was clearly introduced because of a (near?) total lack of testing. Even a quick glance at a few product listings would have shown there was a problem. For example, sku.331720:

    Great for outdoor c
    amping picnic;

    11. Products used to have the date they were first listed. That's been missing for a week or two now (as of mid January 2017).

    Update: This bug will not be fixed: There will be no listing date on the product page in future. If you want
    to know the exact listing date, please contact us.

    12. Wish List only has three items across instead of four, and leaves a gap on the right of each Wish List page. This bug was introduced in about January 2017 when a new layout of the Wish List was introduced - obviously without adequate testing.

    13. Pop-up product info boxes in the forum have code instead of the correct details. This is a problem that has existed for several months (as of Nov 2017) and has never been acknowledged by DX. For example, sku.456944 shows "Theoretical Lumens2000 DX.PCM.Model.AttributeModel.Unit" instead of "2000 lm" (which is a lie anyway).

    Possibly related was a temporary problem listed as 11a: ... the units of product specifications are not
    showing. For example, sku.456944 just shows 7.4 instead of 7.4 V, and
    3500 instead of 3500 mA. This is probably a problem with the template
    used for the particular product.

    14. In the checkout the Store Credit button has mysteriously vanished - 9 Sep 2018. Instead of just putting it back, more than two weeks after the bug was reported DX asked customers to contact staff. http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1484082

    15. The forum has stopped working on product pages - 18 Sep 2018. It now
    has only a perpetually "spinning wheel" icon. To view a product forum
    users must click on Post a new topic. http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1447018?page=32#1484254 

    16. Products cannot be shipped to particular countries, for no apparent reason. This has been occurring for months. For example: http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1480636 and  http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1484519

    17. Not being able to unsubscribe from DX spam is one of the most annoying DX site bugs, and it has been a long-standing bug.



    More links at http://club.dx.com/forums/Forums.dx/threadid.1447018?page=34#1484623 


    18. Fixed: October 2018, the forum refused to let anyone post or edit any posts, complaining that the user had not set their nickname. The bug lasted about three days.

    19. All support tickets have been deleted - 23 Oct 2018. First reported in http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1484609#1485126

    Remembering 30 years.
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  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 6:04 AM Reply

    What's wrong with the Stupid New Forum Interface... BUGS.

    Line feeds

    • A blank line appeared at the top of the first post above when I tried to get rid
    of the list formatting on item 1. The whole paragraph vanished, so I hit
    undo. Random blank line inserted. It happens each time completely reliably. It really looks like no testing was done before this Stupid New Forum Interface was rolled out.

    • Some line feeds cannot be deleted by ordinary backspacing.

    • Returning to the end of a sentence and starting to type may result in a line feed being inserted. This is probably the same bug as an extra line feed being inserted after a link when entering a full stop.

    • A couple of the paragraphs in this post have random line feeds inserted in them. They don't appear when editing the post.

    • Paragraphs that are copied and pasted sometimes have line feeds inserted so that the paragraph appears with short lines.
    This can occur even if the paragraph was copied from elsewhere in the
    same post.

    • Multi-line specs that are copy and pasted from the product details have a line feed inserted into the middle of the first line pasted. The same thing happens if one less line is copied (leaving out the old first line). But if only one line is copy and pasted instead of gaining a line feed the line is pasted without a gap. http://club.dx.com/forums/Forums.dx/threadid.1447018?page=18#1462011.

    • Blank lines appear before (and after) auto-linked URLs. For example, http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1445101#1445115.

    Extra characters

    • Some full stops/periods cannot be deleted whatever we try.

    • With an unlinked URL with a full stop after it, typing a space after the URL to get it to auto-link inserts two spaces between the link and the full stop.

    * Typing the words frame. or style. or form. - including variations like conform. - or script. inserts a full stop (period) after them.






    • Numbered lists get reformated. The numbers can go off the left side of the post's box.

    • Sometimes italics cannot be turned off.

    • A whole sentence may not be able to be changed to italic simply by selecting the whole sentence if there is a bold word in the middle. See http://club.dx.com/forums/Forums.dx/threadid.1447018?page=2#1447101. for an example.

    • Sometimes italics settings that don't encode any characters cannot be deleted.

    • Pasting text from elsewhere can result in really large text that cannot be controlled. For example, http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1449257.

    • It's very hard to insert text before linked URLs at the start of a post. Users cannot simply navigate to before the link.


    • Pictures that have been posted from external URLs sometimes vanish from posts while the post is still being edited. This is more likely to happen if taking a break to view another page or if pasting text while editing a post.

    • A picture that has vanished like that will be resized to 24 x 24 pixels and cannot be reset to have no fixed size (the default when initially posting a picture).

    So many bugs that should have been picked up in simple testing. As I asked in the middle of December 2015:

    was that not discovered with even a small amount of testing before it
    was implemented? Or by going through a check list of things to make sure
    were still working after it was implemented?

    Email notifications

    Including #* or ## anywhere in a post means that the email notification will not have any content such as the post itself or the link to the thread.

    Remembering 30 years.
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    post edited by sheepish on 12/23/2016 at 5:54 AM
  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 6:06 AM Reply

    What's wrong with the Stupid New Forum Interface... BROKEN FUNCTIONALITY.

    There are numerous examples where functionality has been broken, making previously simple tasks harder or impossible.

    Spell checker

    • The breaking of any spell checker functionality was mentioned in Dec 2015: http://club.dx.com/forums/forums.dx/threadid.1441893 {EXTRA SPACE RANDOMLY INSERTED HERE}. A staff member mentions in that thread that "There is something wrong with the new version." There still is!


    • It now takes many more clicks to post a picture.

      * Old interface - select image url, click IMG button.

      * Stupid new interface - click image button, click insert tab, click on address field, paste url, click on OK (because pressing the enter key on your keyboard won't work), and make sure you don't hold your tongue wrong or paste anything in the post because the image will vanish.

    • We can now Cut an image but not Paste an image.

    • We cannot see exactly where formatting such as bold and italic is applied.

    • We cannot easily delete or alter formatting or tweak exactly what the formatting applies to.

    • We can sometimes not delete formatting at all.

    • We have to sometimes jump through hoops just to post a simple message with line feeds in the right places.

    • How are we supposed to turn off an auto-numbered list?

    Loss of content

    • If we visit another page or load a picture (for example, instead of dropping it on the image thing) while typing a post our browser no longer remembers what we typed. This can lead to seriously annoying loss of typng because it's all gone when we return to the page. Bad DX.


    • Cmd-z doesn't always undo the last thing I typed; it doesn't do anything at all. Sometimes it removes some of the typing but not other things, especially if something has been pasted after typing. There's no consistency in what happens.

    • Redo doesn't work.

    Remembering 30 years.
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    post edited by sheepish on 10/30/2016 at 6:14 AM
  • gasbag11 Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 10:03 AM Reply

    A problem I've been having for about a week now is getting "Error 500" almost every day when I try to get on DX. Had to delete cookies yesterday and again just now. 

    NO! I don't know why DX screwed up the site so badly.
    Ask them.
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  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 10:25 AM Reply

    An error 500 is an internal server error, not something wrong at your end.

    Remembering 30 years.
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  • gasbag11 Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 10:27 AM Reply

    Wth? I just had to delete cookies again to get back on this site.

    NO! I don't know why DX screwed up the site so badly.
    Ask them.
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  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 10:30 AM Reply

    Why are you deleting cookies and what is it apparently doing for you?

    Remembering 30 years.
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  • gasbag11 Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 10:45 AM Reply

    If I don't delete cookies I can't get on the forum at all.. I keep getting Error 500. If I go to the home page, it never loads fully and I can't even log in to go to my account. 

    NO! I don't know why DX screwed up the site so badly.
    Ask them.
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  • matrix-neo Moderator Friday, February 26, 2016 10:59 AM Reply

    • We can sometimes not delete formatting at all.

    as in sometimes your post will include an unwanted period but no matter how many times you edit it just won't go away? happened more than once to me

    Resistance is futile-give in to DX gadget craving!
    also a voluntary mod-be nice please!
    Have an enquiry? https://cs.dx.com/ticket/index

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  • sheepish Top 10 Forum Poster Friday, February 26, 2016 11:11 AM Reply

    That's right, I've had that one happen once.

    Remembering 30 years.
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