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Lumens Lumens LUMENS!!

  • IAmShae Wednesday, January 20, 2010 9:00 AM Reply
    I am VERY EAGER to switch to LED Light Bulbs!! I agree that incandescent are outdated and costly to use and replace and I can't stand CFL's and what they do to the environment.

    However, I will NOT buy LED Bulbs without knowing how the output compares with the other types.

    Please PLEASE list the Lumens rating for these bulbs.
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  • ItalianBoy Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:34 AM Reply
    Well, this is 1.5w of power, so even assuming a 100 lumens per watt efficency we have no more than 150 lumens (5 lumens per led).
    Could be good for replacing a 10W incandescent light bulb, maybe 20W due to the light being spread only in front of the lamp and not being wasted on the rear. BUT this lamp has a wide angle and will not focus the light like the halogen lamps which have a built-in reflector.
    So, this is less bright than an halogen lamp.
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  • James_C Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:23 PM Reply
    30 LEDs driven to 50mW each (at most, ignoring any circuit inefficiency to limit current) will probably give about 75 lumens max, though they could use any bin of LED they choose so there is some variation possible.

    There is nothing "outdated" about the most used lighting technology on earth - that makes it modern. Incandescent bulbs are far less costly than typical LED light bulbs, because it costs over $100 to get equivalent light to a pair of incandescent bulbs. In a business environment where you have to pay someone to go out and replace a bulb, then the labor costs make LED bulbs cheaper, but otherwise incandescent are significantly cheaper.

    Also when you factor that the up front costs of the LED bulbs could be money drawing interest in a bank over many years compounded, you aren't even saving electricity costs in many cases and this is if you assumed you always leave the lights on using power, which someone who is energy or cost conscious would not do, except in a business that needs to stay lit all the time.

    Not only is this less bright than a typical halogen bulb, 5 of them are still far less bright than one halogen bulb, though of course you can buy different wattage halogen bulbs too, so it may be only an arbitrary comparison to make except you also have to buy and have spots to mount all those lamps to get enough light.

    LEDs will be great for replacement lighting purposes outside of business use once efficiency goes up more and cost comes down more. The key is recognizing we aren't there yet, there will be mass adoption at that point in time which will drive costs down even more.
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  • James_C Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:32 PM Reply
    However, it is only $7.66 delivered. Some places will charge you that much just for postage to ship a bulb. If you need a night-light it is inexpensive so buy one and try it out.

    One good use for these that I can think of would be in those 12V powered landscaping lights, the cheap ones that have plastic holders and globes which get brittle and sometimes even melt from the heat of their stock incan bulbs. They will be a lot brighter than the typical inexpensive self-contained solar-charging LED garden lights, though still less bright than with the original bulb.
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  • shusting Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:37 PM Reply
    These bulbs are good for desk lights.
    If you want whole room lighting, you're looking at something custom (and expensive). Definitely not worth it with today's LED tech status.

    (worth it for a desk/reading lamp, though)
    GTA, Canada.. eh?
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  • James_C Wednesday, January 20, 2010 10:39 PM Reply
    You must like a dim desk, I consider a 14W CCFL I currently use (supposedly equivalent to 60W incan) barely bright enough for a desk lamp.

    My point is be aware of the low light level before planning a use for it. They do sell brighter LED bulbs...
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  • snailmail Thursday, January 28, 2010 4:27 AM Reply
    I'm a bit tired of people defending incandescent light bulbs - they use what, 80%, 90% of the energy not for light but for heat? What a waste... LED definitely is the best option in terms of energy efficiency and eco-friendliness. I'd get one for my desk, even it its going to be a bit less bright, if only to support this technology. :)

    PS 'There is nothing outdated about the most used lighting technology on earth - that makes it modern...' - this kind of 'argument' is exactly what keeps innovative, energy-efficient technolgy from entering the market, or at least slows down the process to a crawl, e.g. in fuel-efficient motors... 'naah, we have used this old technology for so long, it works OK, lets just stick to it, shall we?' I happen to live in germany where they just banned incan light bulbs and really, I think its great governments finally have the guts to come up with such a drastic plot. OK, maybe this is two, three years to early (because people will almost be forced to buy CFLs, considering LED technology still needs some development), but still, we'd need this kind of laws on a much broader scale.
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  • James_C Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:03 PM Reply
    ^ Then don't read such sensible replies!

    You are wasting time, and power, posting on the internet. Don't even try to pretend you have some great insight while doing THAT. I have at various times mentioned the false-savings in money too, the great cost vs drawing interest on money in a bank.

    The last thing a good government does is prevent you from making our own choices. It's your money, if you choose to spend it wastefully on LED bulbs instead of saving it using incans, that too should be a choice you are allowed to make.

    The whole idea that energy is precious is the great lie propagated by those who stand to gain from green energy initiatives. We would easily have more than enough power by simply devoting resources to geothermal, solar, and nuclear power, and of course the real energy conservative method - turning off lights and not doing things like surfing the internet for amusement instead of read needs.

    It is a bit ironic, nobody can make a fair argument for power savings and post it on the internet, in doing so they are wasting more power than I am right now... counting, I have exactly zero of my incan lights running right now, and yet I have over two dozen in my home.
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  • snailmail Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:22 PM Reply
    What a weird place for such a discussion... anyhow, I won't go on and count what I actually do to save energy, which is a fair bit...

    The last thing a government should do is prevent you from making your own choices? But that's exactly what laws do, regulating which choices you are allowed to make and which you aren't. There's a whole lot of laws already to protect this and that lobby group and my point is that its a good thing that more laws are made for the benefit of the environment (I could live with a few less laws on taxes, though).

    And I think its even better if, as is the case with the bulbs, these laws pose a tiny wee bit of uncomfyness on the people, because that's a bold thing to do for a government and as such is a strong statement that eco protection actually is important.

    Energy is precious exactly because we do NOT get it from renewable energy sources at present. Once that changes of course I'd agree, we can happily go back to incan bulbs, but I think that's still way ahead.
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  • James_C Thursday, January 28, 2010 12:52 PM Reply
    ^ No, laws restrict the harm you do to others. Nobody here can claim the incan lights I don't have turned on are harming anyone.

    Even so, laws are designed to maintain order in a society, preserve what we hold dear including freedoms... freedoms to make choices. I have no problem with someone choosing to use LED lights, rather I disagree with some of the arguments about why and the really questionable benefits claimed.
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