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Any Recommended Knife for Army Purpose?

  • cantstopshopper Tuesday, June 29, 2010 6:32 PM Reply
    Re. asafh- in pocket, screws fell out...

    -that sucks man. Kinda funny the way you told it though.

    -that is a problem with most of these knives; they need constant retightening. Locktite improves the durability/sustainability of these knives considerably however it must be applied carefully to the pivot point of the blade.
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  • flashin Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:12 AM Reply
    the military, where ever it my be, should issue a quality knive to troops.
    if your military has to rely on dx for a knife source you are in serious trouble!
    i hope you don't encounter more that a can of beans at an overnight outing!

    i know for a fact that the u.s. military issues some very nice knives.
    knives like full automatic benchmade strykers, and crkt M-16 variants to name a couple folders.
    then there's the line of ka-bar knives.... and aqualung and s.o.g. diving knives the seals use.

    my suggestion is: if you don't want to spend the $ for one real good knife, then buy a bunch of these dx knives and throw them away when they break.
    or better yet, send me the broken ones!!!
    Howdy from Ohio!

    (john 3:15-18)
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  • Jonis58 Wednesday, June 30, 2010 11:26 AM Reply
    these knives are more for show then anything, you say you want an everyday knife.. well an everyday knife should be a really good knife. otherwise its just genna get dull everytime you open the damn thing.

    i would get something worth about 40 dollars.. and it well last you a lifetime, instead of breaking or getting dull like these.. i mean you will still have to sharpen it once ina while.

    but you well thank yourself after you learn more about knives.

    now you say you're breaking them.. is that the blade? because really hard metal can break and really soft metal gets dull, its somewhere in between you want. and from china you really just dont know what you're going to get.
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  • Armasat Wednesday, August 11, 2010 3:47 PM Reply
    Hmmmmm... buying a 7 bucks knife from DX for military purposes...

    Say, do you have a 586$ M16A4 at service or rather a 50$ AK47?
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  • cantstopshopper Wednesday, August 11, 2010 5:40 PM Reply
    setting aside your price points as they are obviously stated as exaggerations to make your point- I would normally choose the AK 47 over most any M16...except you had to go and say the m16A4! now we're in a real debate as to which is better over all. I'm not going to just jump on the AK bandwagon for the sake of it, but I will still cast my vote for the 47 based on the legendary reliability vs. the spotty history of the M16 which has taken many years and design improvements to get up to par with 47's.

    You do make a good point though- for something as serious as military work I can see why someone would question anybody not buying a high end knife; just to be assured of quality. Too bad high end doesn't always mean high quality though... I just advised my brother, a police officer, to get a real Boker even though it would be considerably more than the knives here... after less than 2 weeks with no actual use the knife is already failing him. Screws coming loose and the liner lock passing the tang and getting jammed on the far side. To be fair to Boker I think this as much a QC issue with the build of the knife, as it is his own fault for not knowing how to care for the knife (he didn't inspect it when first received, test it etc.)

    IMHO quality is very subjective and more important than a certain brand etc. is proper maintenance. If you know how to use a knife and take care of it then many knives on DX will suit any need that arises. Price is overrated.
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  • gregwalton Thursday, August 12, 2010 4:16 AM Reply
    I can't help feeling Boker are overpriced because the brand is (historically) associated with quality. If you look at the price you have to pay to get a Boker made with decent steel there are other manufacturers producing high-quality AUS-8 or equivalent knives at a significantly lower price. The reason being that they are trying top make a name for themselves, in what seems to be a hard time for the business.

    Having said that the Boker AK74 (NOT AK47) is relatively cheap for a Boker with an AUS-8 Teflon-coated blade. Hmm...
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  • cabfrank Friday, August 13, 2010 12:52 AM Reply
    yeah, i wouldn't count boker as one of the top quality knife makers at all, especially not either the boker plus or the boker magnum lines.
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  • slava1057 Saturday, August 21, 2010 7:36 AM Reply
    How do you do all! Wanted contribute its contribution to discussing the subject. For begin замечу that choosing knife, you should itself to present that possible to do this knife. In given ценовом range, than more universal knife, that he more useless. Necessary to understand that knife is especially personal target subject, chosen according to your антропометрическим data, purpose, technology and manner of the work blade. Applied importance of the knife is easy defined: the form of the blade, thickness blade, sharpening, presence гарды, развесовкой, material, design. For experienced eye, the knife can tell the a great deal about its master. Herewith funny hear: I cut its knife! Respect, love its knife, he never will defraud and will not betray you. If you do not feel the knife, as continuation of its hand, this not your knife.
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  • flashin Saturday, August 21, 2010 2:33 PM Reply
    what'd he say?
    Howdy from Ohio!

    (john 3:15-18)
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  • slava1057 Sunday, August 22, 2010 3:55 PM Reply
    How do you do all! To subject knife for army. I understand that you interest the knife, as weapon in the first place if this not so поправте me. If you interesting applied side of the use blade, that my advice:
    1.Прикладной combat blade has a thickness 4 millimeters.
    2.Длина blade corresponds to 10 - 15 centimetres depending on skill and manners of conduct boa.
    3.Форма blades preferred лисовая.(the sheet of the plant).
    4.Заточка dagger two-edged moreover one of the sides - серрейторная sharpening.
    5.Центр gravity of the knife must be together, where blade borderРs the рукоятью, as a matter of convenience manipulate and dashing fellow.
    6.Рукоять is made from material excluding slide and providing strong, suitable and reliable dashing fellow.
    In additives to the main knife in equipping enters else 2-3 units of the different purpose, зачастую hidden carrying.
    The Best material for blade instrumental steel mark S9 and that like. Given mark by steels provides top toughness, stability of the stinger and certain sharp pain in any condition.
    Creations swedish master ножеделов claim attention From final products. Their knives has one big defect - a high cost, but in production of knife steel him no equal.
    At choice of the mass knifes on site and in shop cost(stand)s to pay attention to the form of the blade. The Blade, his(its) base, cutting part must not have a hole, neckline and кровостоков, weakenning blade.
    If knife folding, pay attention to material of the axis of the thumb node, soft metals, as аллюминий - inadmissible!

    To advise the concrete model, it is necessary to know your necessities and purposes, requirements to blade. Here is approximately so.
    All good! (translation mechanical)
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